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Letā€™s deep-dive on ZitSticka KILLAā€™s 4 ingredients

A-to-Zit Kit

Complete breakout kit

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A comprehensive kit that resolves your breakouts, from A-to-Zit.

All our topical products unite in one skin-saving set. Address every type and stage of breakout, while protecting and nourishing your precious skin.

ā­ KILLA: Our hero microdart patch to nix deep, blind zits.Ā 
ā­ GOO GETTER: A hydrocolloid patch to extract shallow zits.Ā 
ā­ HYPERFADE: A microdart patch to fade post-zit dark spots.
ā­ MEGASHADE: A brightening SPF 50 serum to fightĀ zits.
ā­ PRESS REFRESH: A jelly mask toĀ calm redness + irritation.Ā 
ā­ SILKSHAKE: A balancing wash for breakout-proneĀ bodies.
ā­ FIZZ FOUNTAIN: A deep polish for breakout-prone bodies.

Breakout-proof your top shelf
A-to-Zit Kit
PATCHES: Flatten + extract zits, then fade the aftermath
A-to-Zit Kit
BOOSTERS: An SPF 50 serum + a soothing sheet mask
A-to-Zit Kit
BODY CARE: Cleanse, balance and refine body skin
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