6 Reasons The World Needs ZitSticka
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6 Reasons The World Needs ZitSticka

The beauty *space* is crowded, and rapidly growing. We know this because studies keep telling us so. Forbes last year reported the beauty industry to be worth a casual $445 billion. Casual.

In the early stages of ZitSticka’s conception, we decided our future contribution to this space needed some strict non-negotiables. All of them, TBQH, related to innovation and efficacy. No use in rehashing an existing product or worse, creating something that doesn’t do what it’s supposed to.

And so, in no particular order, are the top 5 reasons we think the world needs ZitSticka


1. Acne patches need a level-up

We’re not the first acne patch or sticker on the market—but KILLA is embedded with our signature microdart technology. Many acne patches are simply circle-shaped hydrocolloid dressings—the same moisture-sucking material ZitSticka’s KILLA base is made of—but KILLA’s composition is more complex. Each contains layers of tiny microdarts filled with acne fighting agents that self-dissolve within two hours, depositing potent actives directly into the nucleus of your pimple. Sounds like jargon, works like magic.


2. Under-the-surface, upcoming zits don’t come with many solutions

...unless you’re comfortable with heading to the dermatologist for a cortisone shot every time you feel one. Save the expense for a mani/pedi! Or (vintage) Prada! Or, you know, whatever raises your heart rate. The point is that a lot of zit or spot treatments can benefit whiteheads, blackheads and more common acne breeds—but when a deep one arises? We scream. Stay indoors. Try (despite previous failures) to pop, only to be further dismayed by the residual scar. Nothing seems to accelerate the bad phase and disrupt the deep zit’s life cycle—until now.

 3. Acne products should be portable

The thing we know about acne is that we don’t know enough about it. When will it arise? Why? How long will it stick around for? Will it be the cute, small kind or the cystic monstrosity kind? With hopes of better preparing the pimple privy (AKA everyone) we paid special mind to our packaging. Each ZitSticka is individually wrapped for both hygiene and convenience. This makes them very practical for purse placement, or the glovebox, or even your back pocket.  Carrying them around means you might even be able to save a friend one day.


4. Acne products should contain synergistic ingredients

Science is a thing that exists. So, rather than ignore an entire school of thought, we used it to make sure each ingredient in our patches functioned well with respects to both its neighbour ingredients and the Stickatech delivery system. As you might imagine, a lot of testing, retesting and actual tears were involved in determining the final elixir: Hyaluronic acid, Niacinamide, Salicylic acid, Witch Hazel and Oligopeptide-76 (Aurein). Which brings us to our next point…



5. ZitSticka’s hero ingredient is crazy good

It’s that one with the weird, fiddly name: Oligopeptide-76, or Aurien. The rest of KILLA’s ingredients are rather classic: they’ve been backed for years by many and varied dermatologists. Aurein is a more custom ingredient; a newfangled one that we’re really excited to share with you. A peptide (protein fragment) that firms the skin’s appearance, Aurein made the cut in the KILLA patch for its strong but non-irritating microbial properties, and ability to quickly disrupt the zit’s life and halt its journey. You read it here first.


6. ZitSticka works, quickly and predictably

Being predictable is generally considered a tired quality. Boring. Basic.

In our case, it was important that ZitSticka act predictably, so that its efficacy comes to be an expected thing for you guys. So what can you expect? Well, after pressing a patch to your zit, it takes around two hours for the microdarts to dissolve. When they do, the cool stuff begins: KILLA’s active tonic infiltrates the core of your pimple, killing the thing at the source. In between four to eight hours (in some extreme cases, a second application might be necessary), you can expect a much flatter, less inflamed site with no discernible infection. And so, you see, we’re pleased to be predictable.


Title image via @youngarnie