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What exactly are ‘self-dissolving microdarts’ and why do I care?

Okay, wow. What happened to easing in? Microdarts are the heroes of our products, actually. They dissolve within the epicenter of your pimple two hours after a KILLA is applied, flooding the heart of your zit with hard-working ingredients. 

What makes these any different from their much cheaper counterparts?

Most traditional zit patches—which we like a lot, btw—are super effective on surface level zits or those that have come to an obvious head, but they do unfortunately have limitations.

ZitSticka’s KILLA patch merges tech and skincare, and is embedded with 24 tiny (pain free!) microdarts containing salicylic acid, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and oligopeptide-76. This harmonious potion of dermatologist-loved ingredients self-dissolves directly into the heart of a zit, targeting those newfound ones. Traditional patches are perhaps best suited to those zits that are at a head or almost a head.

Do the microdarts hurt?
KILLA’s self-dissolving microdarts don’t hurt—rather, they elicit a tingling sensation that’s kind of satisfying—a signal that something’s about to happen, you know? Consider the feeling a strong tickle or a gentle sting.

What are KILLA's ingredients?The KILLA patch contains just five clean, efficacious, derm-loved ingredients.

Hyaluronic Acid: a moisture-magnet that acts as a conduit for the other ingredients to be carried into your zit.

Salicylic Acid: an efficacious exfoliant and dermatologist favorite. 

Niacinamide: (B3) helps to shrink the appearance of irritation.

Oligopeptide-76: A fierce but gentle peptide that disrupts your zit's journey. 
Sodium Hydroxide: an inactive pH balancer.

Can I use KILLA with other products?
You can keep your regular routine so long as you don't layer KILLA over other products and formulations—it should always be applied to clean, dry skin.

Since the microdarts create microchannels into the skin, it should be used by itself and not in combination with any other topical products.

I have sensitive skin. Will ZitSticka’s ingredients and I get along?
KILLA is built upon a gentle hydrocolloid bandage base. KILLA patches are propelled by the ingredient Hyaluronic Acid, a naturally occurring substance in the skin that therefore presents a really low potential for skin reactions. However we do know that skin sensitivity varies person-to-person, so if you’re unsure, you could always patch test on the back of your hand before going in on your beautiful face.

What about animal testing?Gross. We can confirm that we absolutely do not test on animals; only on human men and women.

Who formulates your products?ZitSticka's products are formulated by scientists and compounding pharmacists who've been researching, trialling and testing zit-hating ingredients since, oh, before we were born probably. Wisdom. They’re a bit like Oprah, but for pimples, and without the free cars.

Who manufactures your products? 
KILLA's secret sauce is manufactured in Korea, the cosmetic capital of the world. Those guys are equipped with stupid amounts of skincare knowledge, and if innovation lives anywhere—it’s Korea.

I’m pregnant. Are ZitSticka’s ingredients safe for me?
While KILLA is made from just five simple and safe dermatologically backed ingredients, we recommend checking with your doctor before using KILLA during pregnancy.

Does KILLA contain preservatives? 
KILLA is free from preservatives or any ingredient designed to extend the life of a product.

How long should I leave a KILLA on for? 
No two zits are created equally, so this happens to be a rather layered answer.

Like we said, KILLA’s microdarts dissolve completely by the 2 hour mark, having deposited zit-hating ingredients into your pimple. They’re enclosed in your zit now; they’re working hard. Trust in that. However, you know what else ZitSticka is good for? Covering and protecting the drama site from bacteria. We recommend keeping it on until it feels flatter, overnight if possible, or even longer if your zit is particularly obnoxious.

What kind of zits does KILLA work best on?
The blind, unidentifiable, hard-to-reach ones that greet you first thing in the morning. The deep kind that pulse like a bass line. The early-stage, upcoming ones that previously left you helpless.

I have a skin condition at the moment. Is KILLA safe for me?We don't recommend using KILLA on any kind of open wound; whether that be a popped pimple or a scratch. To avoid infections, KILLA's microdarts should be applied to clean, dry skin.

Should I carry a KILLA with me in case one of those suckers turns up out of nowhere?
Yes! In fact, we recommend this. Each KILLA is individually packaged, making them the perfect (supremely hygienic) match for your purse/wallet/back pocket. Pass them around. Save a friend. Consider it shareable content for IRL zituations.

Can I wear KILLA out in public?You should. She was built for you to take care of your zit while you do your daily thing—apply a ZS in the AM, go to the gym, yoga, work and deal with your spot while covering it up. We’re all about creating public solidarity in the takedown of the zit—why melt later what you can melt now?

I’ve accidentally applied a KILLA onto the wrong area of my skin. Can I reuse it?
Unfortunately not. Once placed and pressed to the skin, the KILLA’s microdarts will have started to melt away, diluting their original sharpness. Soooo we’re sorry to report you’ll need to start fresh with a new ZitSticka…

Can I use KILLA with other products, such as ointments or oils?

A ZitSticka should be applied to fresh, clean skin that’s free of makeup.

Do I need to use a CLEANA swab prior to applying a KILLA?Each KILLA Kit includes individually wrapped active-soaked swabs (CLEANAs), which prime the site to best accept the ZitSticka. That said, if you happen to be on the go and without a CLEANA, a face that’s cleansed and towel-dried is a perfectly ideal compromise.

Is it safe to double patch?
We’re so glad you asked! Yep, it’s 200% safe. Because early-stage zits can run a broad gamut, some zituations—such as the blind mountain that emerges in the same place each month—will benefit handsomely from two consecutive KILLA applications.  

How conspicuous is a patch? I like to patch on weekdays during business hours.
Like your favorite after-dark dress, KILLA is semi-sheer. It’s almost transparent, but not quite. As such, a ZitSticka will appear very subtle against most skin tones—likely a lot subtler than the thing you’re looking to end.

Does KILLA have an expiration date?
Because ZitSticka products are formulated using real, high quality ingredients and zero preservatives, they do have a shelf life. When stored in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight, KILLA patches will retain their integrity for 36 months when unopened. Once pouch for either cleaning swab or patch is opened, they should both be used immediately.

Can I wear a KILLA in the shower or swimming?
The integrity of the adhesive is best maintained on dry skin, to be quite honest. However, if you absolutely must shower (hello, hygiene) or take a thrilling dip in a body of water, your ZitSticka should still go the distance.

I've dropped the patch on the floor. Should I cut my losses? 
Uh-oh. As you watch the patch flutter to the floor, pray for a good outcome—this could go one of two ways.
1. The patch falls with the microdarts facing up. Great! You're good to apply! Hygiene has been retained. All is well here.

2. The patch falls with the microdarts facing down. Oooh, gross. People have dragged their shoes in that exact spot! Please discard and start over.

What kind of skin does SKIN DISCIPLINE work on? 
Our breakout-specific formulation beholds the best ingredients for quelling common zituations, from mild to moderate. Our ingredients have empirical evidence showing efficacy in improving skin health from the inside out. Please note that results may vary from person to person—be sure to uptake the protocol for 90 days for the full  effects. 

Will SKIN DISCIPLINE only work for me if I'm deficient in these vitamins, minerals and probiotics?
Based on hundreds of independent scientific studies, some SKIN DISCIPLINE ingredients have been proven to positively impact skin health when taken in higher doses than the daily recommended intake. This means that even if you are sufficient in one more of the micronutrients, the product will still have a significant impact when taken for 60+ days.

Please talk me through this whole cap-in-cap thing?
Each SD serving is a capsule nested within a capsule, with liquid Omega-3 acting as a suspension bridge between the two. Why Omega-3? Our proprietary drug-free formulation combines skin-enhancing, breakout-quelling ingredients with the most scientific evidence stacked beside them. Omega-3 is one of those, but it's typically taken independently rather than included in formulations, because it's capable of altering or diluting their actions. Our nested capsules are able to overcome this limitation, bringing together the most efficacious supplements for cellular-level skin health.*

The FDA doesn't actually approve dietary supplements - that said, our Quality Assurance Department ensures that all products produced conform to appropriate standards of quality and are safe and suitable for their intended use. In addition, it verifies that all operations and processes are conducted in accordance with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) as required by the United State Food and Drug Administration under 21 CFR, Part 111 (Dietary Supplements) and Part 117 (Food Safety).

Should I take this with food?
It's not completely necessary to take SKIN DISCIPLINE with a meal. However, those with sensitive stomachs or anyone new to probiotics may benefit from assimilating to the protocol by taking it with a meal.

Do I need to refrigerate SKIN DISCIPLINE?
There's no need to refrigerate SKIN DISCIPLINE as the probiotic strains are of very high quality. In addition, the outer capsule containing omega-3 oil acts as an insulator for the inner ingredients which is a nice delight.

Can I take everyday without risk? 
We only make and sell safe and effective things, thankfully (!!!). One thing to note is that ingesting too much zinc over a long period of time can cause copper deficiency—however the concentration of zinc in SD is conservative and reflects the optimum level required to attain greater skin health. With this said, we've included a small amount of copper to each capsule to mitigate the risk of any adverse effects should your natural levels of zinc be higher than normal.

Can I take this if I am on birth control?
Please consult with your healthcare professional before taking any supplement whilst on prescription medication.

Can I take this if I am pregnant or trying to become pregnant?Please consult with your healthcare professional before taking any supplement whilst pregnant (or planning to be).

Can I get a refund if this doesn't work?
Given the extensive testing we've performed on SKIN DISCIPLINE, we're firm believers in our product's efficacy. If you are not satisfied after 90 days on the product, please reach out to us at support@zitsticka.com so we can help make things right.

Where is your Omega-3 sourced from?
Sustainably sourced from the Southern Pacific oceans, this triple distilled fish oil is the highest quality Omega-3 with high EPA (beneficial fatty acid) content, which has a potent anti-inflammatory action on the skin.*

SKIN DISCIPLINE is not a vegan or vegetarian product. In the effort to produce the most efficacious supplement for fighting acne, we couldn't compromise on using high quality Omega-3 oil from fish (for anti-inflammatory benefits of the skin). We are working on a vegan option for down the line, so stay tuned!*

If I am eating yoghurt and fermented foods will I still benefit from the probiotics in SD? 
In short—probably! It's often difficult to qualify the probiotic count in many commercially sold yogurts, and foods like sauerkraut and tempeh are helpful, but don't always come with definitive information about strains and CFU counts. CFU stands for colony-forming units, which refers to the number of viable bacteria cells in a sample. SKIN DISCIPLINE is formulated with 5 lactobacillus and bifidobacterium strains to the value of 10 billion CFU.

How did you formulate SD and what proof points can you share? 
We ran a clinical study proving strong efficacy of SKIN DISCIPLINE™ over a 90 day period (88% of participants experienced significant reduction in common breakouts within 90 days). We formulated SKIN DISCIPLINE with dermatologists and skincare specialists who study diet and nutrition and the effects it has on skin health. Hundreds of scientific reports proving the efficacy of each ingredient were studied and used as proof points to inform our formulation. Third party clinical trials have also been undertaken to prove efficacy and safety.

When will I see a difference?
Some of our customers have experienced great improvements within the first month, others in the second, but after being on the protocol for 90 days is when the full effects will be observed. Then, after the 90-day mark, maintenance is key.

What kind of differences will I see?
The most pronounced improvements are decreased redness, a more balanced and even complexion, lessened texture, clearer pores that appear smaller and fewer breakouts. The timing of these benefits will vary person to person, with best results being observed after the protocol has been followed for 90 days.*

How long does a bottle of SD last? 
Each bottle contains 30 capsules (a 30-day supply). Be sure to subscribe so you never miss a day :)

What kind of testing do you do?
Each high quality SKIN DISCIPLINE ingredient is rigorously tested to qualify its identity, purity, strength and composition, so you can be confident that what’s on the label is what’s in the capsules. We have performed numerous clinical tests for safety and efficacy with exceptionally positive results.

Is it gluten free? 
SKIN DISCIPLINE is, indeed, gluten free.

Okay, but is the fish oil sustainably sourced?
It absolutely is! We source our Omega 3 from the South Pacific oceans using sustainable methods.

Can I take this in combination with other supplements?
Always consult with your doctor if you have any concerns about supplement interactions or dosages. 

Isn't Vitamin A the best vitamin for acne-prone skin?
When taken at low doses, oral vitamin A (retinol) is not widely regarded as being efficacious in the quelling common breakouts.  Studies show that retinol was not effective at the daily doses of 50,000 to 100,000 IU, which is the limit a person can have as a dietary supplement.

Are the concentrations of these vitamins really enough to have an impact?
The concentrations of each of our ingredients were carefully determined to with respects to how much the average person requires in order to optimize their skin. Not all of the included nutrients are capable of engendering skin improvements when taken at levels equivalent to 100% of the Reference Daily Intake—some must be consumed at higher levels to be effective. It's also important to note that SKIN DISCIPLINE has a cumulative effect and full acclimation can be observed after 90+days on the protocol.

Are these safe if I'm allergic to soy?
Yes, SKIN DISCIPLINE is formulated without soy.

What is the bottle made of?SKIN DISCIPLINE's bottle is made using PETE1 plastic which the most readily recyclable type of plastic. 

Is this product non-GMO?
Yes, it absolutely is.

Supplements typically make me nauseous, how do I know that yours will be any different?
SKIN DISCIPLINE contains a 5-strain probiotic blend that works to balance and optimize your gut microbiome. During the introductory phases, you may experience mild discomfort or digestion changes. This is only a positive thing, signalling that you're acclimating supportive bacteria into your gut. This discomfort is very temporary and will subside after week 1-2.

How should I take the capsules?
It's not entirely necessary to take SKIN DISCIPLINE with food, unless your stomach is particularly sensitive.

Do you test for heavy metals?We do. Safety is one of our biggest priorities, and we test for heavy metals, pesticides and other foreign chemicals.

Can these be taken with prescription medication?
SKIN DISCIPLINE is 100% drug free and in a lot of cases are taken alongside prescription medications. That said, we always recommend you speak with your health practitioner first.

Where is it manufactured?
SKIN DISCIPLINE™ is manufactured in New Jersey, USA, in a current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) certified facility. cGMP are a set of guidelines outlining a system of manufacturing processes and procedures which gives you the assurance that SD is produced in a sterile environment and that it contains exactly what is written on the label.

What if I miss a few days?
Just like exercising at the gym or eating healthily, consistency is key. SKIN DISCIPLINE ingredients build up in your system overtime to bring your skin back to homeostasis, so taking SD daily for at least 3 months will optimise its benefits. Since it does have a cumulative effect in your system, you could miss a few days and resume the protocol without adverse effects. That said, try not to miss it, just like you wouldn't miss your nightly cleanse and moisturise routine!

Can I take a loading dose when I get started or transition to a maintenance dose once I see results?
We don't recommend that. We recommend you stick to one-per-day and give your body time to accumulate the ingredients over time rather than trying to frontload.

After I see results, should I continue to take SD?
We recommend staying the course to keep feeding your skin the nutrients it needs. After your skin reaches homeostasis, maintenance then becomes key.

Can I take antibiotics and SKIN DISCIPLINE at the same time?
If you’ve been prescribed an antibiotic, please consult your doctor before using SKIN DISCIPLINE or any other supplements during your course of antibiotics. Leading medical advice recommends that antibiotics be taken several hours apart from all other medications and supplements, including probiotics.

Are there risks of taking SD with thyroid medication?
As always, if you have a medical condition or are taking prescription medications, we advise you consult with your doctor before beginning any new dietary supplement, including SKIN DISCIPLINE. We may be risk-takers, but never when it comes to your health!

Is SD suitable for everyone?
SKIN DISCIPLINE is suitable for most people from all walks of life. That said, if you are under the age of 18, pregnant or breastfeeding, if you have a medical condition, or are taking medications, please consult with your physician before taking SKIN DISCIPLINE.

Does this product make you break out more in the beginning?
Given SKIN DISCIPLINE works to regulate sebaceous glad activity and increase cell turnover, some customers may experience initial purging symptoms whilst acclimating to the protocol. This should be short-lived and is often times a sign of the product doing its thing. 

Can HYPERFADE be used on sun spots or age?
Sun spots and age spots are two types of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, but HYPERFADE is specifically formulated to lighten and brighten the kind that occurs after a zit has run its course; the type of post-zit damage that is expressed as a dark spot on the skin.

My zit is alllllmost gone but still kinda there. Is it time to use HYPERFADE?
Alllmost gone' sounds like you're almost ready! But... not quite. We want your zit to be 100%, fully, certifiably gone with no semblance of a wound or an active zit before applying HYPERFADE. This will ensure no further damage to your skin, and will set your spot up for optimum fading.

My pimple is deflated and virtually gone. Is it time to use HYPERFADE?
If, by that, you mean 'fully gone and now completely inactive' then YES. If there are still signs that your zit has not fully run its course, though, please do not apply HYPERFADE, and instead wait until the active phase is completely over, and some residual damage remains.

I have this dark spot from a zit I had awhile back. Will HYPERFADE work on it?
HYPERFADE has undergone extensive testing on both new instances of post-zit damage and more longstanding dark spots, and is efficacious for both. All cases are unique, and results and the time it takes to see results, will vary from dark spot to dark spot.

I am Black or brown skinned. Will HYPERFADE work well on my deeply colored dark spot?

As a general rule, HYPERFADE's results—as with all our products—will vary person to person, dark spot to dark spot. This accounts for variances in color of post-zit damage as it relates to both skin color and ethnicity (and the idiosyncrasies of melanin levels), but also things like the length of time the dark spot has been present, whether or not the person's dark spot has been accentuated further by the sun and other such factors.

Will the microdarts in HYPERFADE cause more damage to the post-zit area?
No! Provided you apply HYPERFADE to an area that's completely inactive (not a zit that's still running its course) HYPERFADE's microdarts pose no risk of damaging your skin. The microdarts are made from 9 lightening and brightening ingredients that we shaped into tiny microstructures and layered onto the patch. HYPERFADE and all of our patches have been tested to ensure compatibility with all skin types, including sensitive skin.

What's the maximum amount of times I should apply consecutive HYPERFADE patches? 
There's no cut-off or quota when it comes to applications, but keep a 2-3 day gap between any application.

My post-zit damage faded after a few uses. Do I have to complete the 4-patch courseNope! Once you're happy with the results, you can stop patching. Just remember to use a broad spectrum SPF after you've faded your dark spot, to ensure UV rays keep it faded :)

Will HYPERFADE work for freckles or moles? We're sorry to say it won't. HYPERFADE is specifically formulated for post-zit damage only! And for the record: Freckles and moles are very cute.

My skin feels inflamed or irritated after using HYPERFADE. Is this normal?
Ouch—we're sorry to hear that. Please discontinue use immediately, seek the advice of a medical practitioner if required, and reach out to us at support@zitsticka.com so we can best help you navigate what went wrong.

I'm pregnant. Can I use HYPERFADE?
As ever, when commencing a new skincare regime with new ingredients, we would suggest speaking with your doctor first.

Why do I have to wait three days between each application of HYPERFADE?

The ingredients in each HYPERFADE patch have powerful lightening and brightening effects over a 48-72 hour period post application, so it's important to let the ingredients do their thing over that period before the next patch application.

My dark spot hasn't faded after the recommended 4-patch application across 2 weeks.
If the spot hasn't lightened to satisfaction, feel free to use another set (4-patch application over 2 weeks) for continued fade.

Because KILLA is for deep, blind zits, will HYPERFADE only work on dark spots caused by the same kind of zit?
HYPERFADE's ingredients work on all types of hyperpigmentation, including PIH (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation) as well as other forms such as sun spots and age spots. You can use HYPERFADE patches before the dark spot becomes a thing (right after a wound has healed over) or on an existing dark spot.

Do I need to prime my skin before applying a HYPERFADE patch?
HYPERFADE should be applied to clean, dry skin right after using your usual cleanser.

How will HYPERFADE fit into my skincare routine?
We recommend cleansing as normal before applying a HYPERFADE patch to completely clean, dry skin. Once in place, you can apply serums, oils, moisturizers—whatever is in your regular routine—around the patch, not on it, to ensure its proper adhesion.

Can I wear HYPERFADE outside during the day?
Absolutely! But as always—and we know you do this because you're a responsible person—apply a broad-spectrum SPF around (never on top of) the patch. You'll want to always continue this SPF diligence following your applications so as to ensure your dark spot retains its lighter tone.

Will HYPERFADE impact, negate or dilute other ingredients in my skincare regime?

HYPERFADE contains chemical exfoliants (acids) that help to expedite cell turnover. We therefore recommend you don't use other products containing retinoids, AHAs and BHAs—on the area you used HYPERFADE— within 48 hours of removing the patch. It's entirely safe to use those things on the skin surrounding, though! And, as ever, broad-spectrum SPF! Even when it's cloudy! 


How long will my spot remain lighter? HYPERFADE results in lasting lightening and brightening, and your skin will remain the same tone so long as you consistently use broad-spectrum SPF and practice responsible, sun-safe behavior, like minimizing direct sun exposure to your skin.

Does GOO GETTER have microdarts like KILLA and HYPERFADE? Nope! GOO GETTER is made of a hydrocolloid base, with ingredients infused into its structure. Once GOO GETTER envelopes your surface-level zit, its hydroclloid construction draws moisture to the surface, while salicylic acid, niacinamide, vitamin c and tea tree help to soothe the area and expedite the healing process.

How does GOO GETTER differ from other hydrocolloid patches that are much cheaper? Many hydrocolloid patches are without infused ingredients, but ZitSticka has impregnated each GOO GETTER patch with exfoliating, fuss-fighting ingredients like niacinamide,salicylic acid, vitamin c and tea tree, for an added superboost.

What exactly is hydrocolloid? Is it proven to work? Invented in the 1980s, hydrocolloid is an occlusive, moisture-retentive dressing material backed by innumerable clinical trials, proven to quickly and effectively extract impurities and moisture from pimples that dwell close to the skin’s surface, or have a visible head. It creates a moist environment to extract pimple goo and regenerate skin, fast. In a randomized double-blind trial, the NCBI found hydrocolloid improved redness, oiliness and sebum levels. Many hydrocolloid patches are without infused ingredients, but ZitSticka has impregnated each GOO GETTER patch with exfoliating, fuss-fighting ingredients like niacinamide,salicylic acid, vitamin c and tea tree, for an added superboost.

What kind of zit is GOO GETTER for? GOO GETTER was specifically designed the superficial kind—either one with a visibe head, or one that will eventually become a whitehead. So long as your zit is at surface-level and not a deeply brewing, underground kind (that's what KILLA is for) it's an ideal candidate for GG.

Can I use GOO GETTER on a zit that's been popped? Ideally, you’ll apply it to a zit with signs of a head and it will drain its contents. If it happens that you’ve popped a zit (everyone is guilty occasionally!), the patch will suck up any remaining goo.

How does GOO GETTER work to speed up skin regeneration? Each hydrocolloid patch acts as a second layer of skin, tricking the brain into thinking there’s a scab, and as a result, accelerating the healing process of the affected area.

Does GOO GETTER contain fragrance or colorants? None of those here!

Is GOO GETTER vegan? Absolutely yes.

Is GOO GETTER a sustainable product? Yup! GOO GETTER’s hydrocolloid is biodegradable.

Does GOO GETTER contain any nasty ingredients I should know about? You'll be delighted to hear that all of GOO GETTER's ingredients are proven to be non-irritating, are not derived from animal products and are completely sulfate and paraben free.

Where was GOO GETTER formulated and produced? As with most our products, GOO GETTER was formulated and produced in the skincare capital of the world: Korea.

How long before I will see results from GOO GETTER? Results vary zit to zit, depending where its at in its life-cycle, but most people see a significant reduction in size and color of their pimple overnight!

Is GOO GETTER waterproof? Yes! We don't recommend deep-sea diving while wearing GG, but certainly she was built to stand the test of time during your shower, or if you get caught in the rain (romantic or tragic, depending on who you are).

Why is the size smaller than other hydrocolloid patches? The size of each GOO GETTER patch was carefully measured and cut to fit all zits, whether small or big, without the excess dressing that typically causes peeling up due to overlapping on things like the lip, nose and other uneven contours. They're not big, they're not small, they're in the middle to meet any zit size.

How many can I use on the same zit? The patch has been built so that you can use as many as you need on the same zit without any skin irritability issues. That said, each patch should be used for 6-8 hours to get the most out of each.

Can I put makeup over it? Yes, this is okay to do!

Who was PRESS REFRESH designed for?
PRESS REFRESH was designed for anyone with minor congestion or acne-prone skin, or anyone wanting a level-up from standard sheet masks which tend not to focus on multi-exfoliation and easing breakouts.

Does PRESS REFRESH contain any nasty ingredients I should know about?
You'll be delighted to hear that all of PRESS REFRESH's ingredients are proven to be non-irritating, are not derived from animal products and are completely sulfate and paraben free.

Absolutely yes. Our hydrogel is sourced from Ceratonia Siliqua Gum and Chondrus Crispus Extract, and is thus plant-derived.

I use acids in the evening. Can I still use PRESS REFRESH?
We don't recommend using your usual chemical exfoliants or acids on the same day as PRESS REFRESH. PRESS REFRESH contains its own handpicked blend of acids that work to unclog pores and exfoliate skin, but your skin needs a break in between acid applications to ensure your moisture barrier remains resilient. Overexposure to chemical exfoliants or acids can result in flaking or irritation.

What is the best time to use PRESS REFRESH?
The optimal time to use PRESS REFRESH is at night, after cleansing and drying your face as normal. There are a couple of reasons for this. 1). Exfoliating acids like those in PRESS REFRESH—while being incredibly efficient at sloughing away dead skin cells and delving beneath the surface to unclog pores—can make skin sensitive to sunlight, making nighttime use safer; 2). Your skin does its best repairing at night while you sleep. This is because melatonin, known for its antioxidant and anti-ageing capabilities, is produced at night. Levels of the stress hormone cortisol decline while you're asleep, which helps skin repair daytime damage.

Is there any after-care I should know about?
A broad-spectrum SPF on your face! Don't dream of leaving home without wearing one, applied liberally. Don't even dream of sitting indoors near a sunny window without wearing one, for that matter. Even if you're not using PRESS REFRESH or other acids, the SPF thing still applies! SPF!!!! :)

I have sensitive skin. Will I react to PRESS REFRESH?
PRESS REFRESH is safe for all skin types. The inclusion of several chemical exfoliants can have a ([pleasant!) tingling effect on any skin, sensitive or not, that isn't acclimated to acids, because PRESS REFRESH's acids get to work at and beneath the surface of your skin. You should not, however, feel any burning or pain at any point during masking. If you do experience discomfort, remove the mask immediately, rinse your face and apply a fragrance-free moisturizer.

How does PRESS REFRESH fit into my regular routine?
We recommend using PRESS REFRESH 2-3 times per week, as an in-between-your-routine superboost. We don't advise using PRESS REFRESH on the same days you are using other chemical exfoliants or retinoids/vitamin A, as those concurrent applications may be too irritating, given their actions of below-the-surface exfoliation and accelerating cell turnover. Use before bedtime after cleansing and patting skin dry.

Does PRESS REFRESH contain fragrance or colorants?
Synthetic colorants don't feature in PRESS REFRESH, however graphene powder is composed of carbon molecules which have their own naturally occurring color. The gentle, subtle fragrance in PRESS REFRESH has been tested on various skin types and holds up as being non-irritating.

Most sheet masks tend to just leave my skin a bit moisturized but not much else. How is this one any different?
We are huge fans of masking and self-care, particularly the rituals we perform after a long day! One thing we felt was lacking from our sheet mask routines? A concentrated focus on fighting acne. We felt self-care needed to care more about acne. Sorry for rambling, but yup, PRESS REFRESH is pretty different to most standard sheet masks; formulated specifically for acne and textured skin, rather than affording short-lived dewiness and hydration :-)

Where was PRESS REFRESH formulated and produced?
As with all our products, PRESS REFRESH was formulated and produced in the skincare capital of the world: Korea.

Can you tell me more about the heat / infrared conductivity in PRESS REFRESH?
CertainlThe delivery system behind each PRESS REFRESH sheet mask is its graphene powder—tiny carbon molecules that are infused within the mesh-net layer (which is built into the middle of the hydrogel material of each sheet mask). Carbon powder has the same far infrared emissions as your skin, increasing the skin’s conductivity and cell metabolism for optimal absorptions of the mask's ingredients.

Is my face supposed to tingle while wearing PRESS REFRESH? Should I remove it if so?
Some light (satisfying! fizzy!) tingling is perfectly normal—particularly if you're a newcomer to chemical exfoliants—as PRESS REFRESH's acids get to work at and beneath the surface of your skin. You should not, however, feel any burning or pain at any point during masking. If you do experience discomfort, remove the mask immediately, rinse your face and apply a fragrance-free moisturizer.

What is the difference between regular sheet masks and hydrogel?
A hydrogel mask merges acids and serums with gelatin, which gives it a jelly feeling and a cooling effect, also helping the mask to stay put on your face. A hydrogel mask is skilled at locking moisture inside the mask and delivering ingredients deeper into the skin's layers, compared to a regular sheet mask.

Does PERSS REFRESH contain microdarts like your patches?
Nope! No microdarts here. If you're looking for that satisfying prickling feeling, you won't be too mad about PRESS REFRESH: The exfoliants within elicit a nice tingling sensation!

How do I check on the status of my order?
There should be an email in your inbox to let you know we received your order, It’s from us! It contains your order number. It can take a few days to process your order, but once it's shipped you’ll receive a second email to let you know your order has been despatched. For shipments within the UK, your tracking link will reflect when your order has been delivered. We unfortunately do not offer tracking information for orders placed outside of the UK.

How long does shipping take?
That depends! Typically orders placed with standard shipping within the UK takes 3-5 business days to arrive. If your orders destination is outside of the UK, please allow 10-18 business days for delivery. While things typically run smoothly, Covid-19 has impacted our delivery carriers across the board. Please bare with us during this truly bizarre time! As always, send us an email to support@zitsticka.com if you need help with your order.

Help! There’s a problem with my order. How do I get in touch?
Please send us a note to support@zitsticka.com right away! Our fulfillment team processes orders very quickly, but we will try our best to accommodate your request!

Talk to me about exchanges and refunds.
While you are welcome to return your shipment back to us for a full refund, please keep in mind that all returns must be sent to the US to qualify for a refund. Returns are at the cost of the customer and are unfortunately non-refundable. Please send us a note to support@zitsticka.com so we can walk you through your return.

In the case of faulty, damaged or wrongly described items, you will be eligible to choose between a replacement or refund. Faulty items must be declared within 30 days of purchase. Please email support@zitsticka.com and we'll take you through the process!

My order was faulty. What are my options?
We're so sorry your items arrived in less-than-perfect condition. Please email support@zitsticka.com and upload 2-3 clear photos of the fault, indicating whether you'd prefer a replacement or refund. We'll get back to you shortly with a refund process, or send you out a brand new item.
We'll then email you when the refund has been processed OR when your replacement has been dispatched. We always do our best to resolve faulty tickets as quickly as possible! :-)

What shipping carriers do you use?
We use DPD and Royal Mail within the UK. Orders outside the UK are delivered with Deutsche Post. We unfortunately are unable to specify a carrier for a particular shipment at this time.

Will my order be subject to duty/import fees?
While there should be no additional fees associated with your order, please reach out to our team at support@zitsticka.com if you have any issues receiving your delivery.

How do I pause my account or skip my next order?
If you're going on vacation or need to take a break from your subscription for any reason, you can absolutely pause your account. From any page on zitsticka.com, click on the avatar icon in the top right hand corner (next to the bag icon) to access your account. If you have an active subscription, it will appear under the 'Subscription' header down the left-hand side. From there, you can pause or cancel your account at any time. 

How do I update my shipping and/or billing information?
You can update your shipping or billing info by visiting the 'Subscriptions' tab in your account on zitsticka.com.

When will my credit card or PayPal account be charged?
If you've setup a subscription-based account for any product, we'll charge your payment method immediately when you place your order. We'll then bill and ship your order every 28 days onwards to ensure your top-ups arrive on time each month (unless you elect otherwise, via your account—this is your custom journey).

How can I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel, pause or amend your subscription by visiting the 'Subscriptions' tab in your account on zitsticka.com. If you're experiencing any difficulties, feel free to reach out to us at support@zitsticka.com; we'd be delighted to assist! 

Do you store my credit card information?
If you signed up for a subscription account, we do keep your credit card information on file in order to process future payments. Ahead of each payment, you will receive an email confirming your upcoming charge. Be assured we take your safety, security and privacy very seriously, and we meet the highest set of security standards designed to ensure that we maintain a secure environment.

Can I receive my subscription bi-monthly?
You can cancel, pause or amend your subscription by visiting the 'Subscriptions' tab in your account on zitsticka.com. If you're experiencing any difficulties, feel free to reach out to us at support@zitsticka.com; we'd be delighted to assist! 
What is the cutoff to change or skip a scheduled delivery?
Anytime before your next billing date, as your billing date informs your delivery date. You can change or skip a scheduled delivery by visiting the 'Subscriptions' tab in your account on zitsticka.com. If you're experiencing any difficulties, feel free to reach out to us at support@zitsticka.com; we'd be delighted to assist! 

OMG! You guys are doing a phenomenal job and I think you should know that. How do I get in touch?
Thank you! That is really very kind of you. Love letters can be authored in the 'Review' section, or you can tag us on instagram (@zitsticka) if you prefer.

Conversely, I'd like to hear from you less :( How do I unsubscribe from the mailing list?
You can unsubscribe from ZitSticka emails by scrolling to the button of them and clicking the 'unsubscribe' button. Follow the prompts and, voila! You're off the list :(

Which naughty, nasty ingredients do I need a heads up about?

You'll be pleased to hear that all ZitSticka products are free of parabens, sulphates, mineral oil, methylisothiazolinone, formaldehyde, benzalkonium chloride, coal tar, hydroquinone, triclosan, and triclocarban, mercury, oxybenzone and other harmful, unsavoury things. ZitSticka does not test on animals, nor do we pay others to do so. 

What's your stance on sustainability?
's box and pouches are made from paper and may be recycled. However our sticker and the cleaning swab will need to be disposed of and are unfortunately not biodegradable.

SKIN DISCIPLINE is made using PETE1 plastic which the most readily recyclable type of plastic.