Could You (*Gasp!*) Be Wasting $$$ On Skincare?
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Could You (*Gasp!*) Be Wasting $$$ On Skincare?

By: Lee Phillips


The reasons that we pick skincare products are just as varied as our skincare concerns, and for every skincare concern there are 1,000 products that address them. Redness, loss of firmness and elasticity, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, dry skin, the list goes on and on. It feels like we need a different product for each one and so we wind up spending, spending, spending. It can be a lot. Both in emotional labor (okay, research) and dollars.

But why?! With skincare, it’s not always the more the merrier. Sometimes to get your best glow, you need to first start at the source of skin problems, instead of trying to address all the “symptoms” separately. While hormones and genetics can be the source, I hate to break it to you, but the most common skin messer up-er is one that every single person on this planet has to deal with no matter what. It is the great equalizer. The sun!



There are plenty of fabulous things about the sun, like the fact that it’s keeping us all alive and that we absorb vitamin D through our skin. There’s also a downer side and that has to do with radiation. UVA radiation has a longer wavelength, and can penetrate deep into the layers of your skin to do its damage. In the depths of your dermis, UVA breaks down collagen to reduce the elasticity and firmness of your skin. This also leads to sagging and wrinkles! UVA rays are also responsible for hyperpigmentation, which is over production of melanin in concentrated areas, and it’s a lil hard to get rid of. Because they do damage at such a deep level, UVA’s actually aid in the formation of free radicals, which causes oxidative stress and mutated DNA. That’s how skin cancers are formed, and why knowledge about sun damage is so important! While UVB is a shorter wavelength and doesn’t go as deep as UVA, it’s the bugger responsible for your tan AND your burn. For UVB, the damage is immediate and these wavelengths can also cause all the same problems as UVA.



…The sun causes hyperpigmentation, reduced elasticity and firmness, wrinkles, among many other things. Sound familiar? Yea, they’re only like the top reasons, besides acne, that we do skincare at all. The fact is that the sun speeds up beautiful natural aging. Emphasis on the beautiful! It’s such a blessing to even be able to grow into our most refined beautiful version of ourselves, and that includes our skin.



Because of the big burning ball of the fire in the sky, it absolutely does not make sense to buy 1,000 products to address these concerns separately while ignoring the main cause—the sun! Simply put – If you’re not wearing sunscreen every day – you’re wasting your money on products to treat the issues that the sun causes in the first place! (!!!) So please, for the love of god, your face, and your wallet, incorporate MEGASHADE into your routine. This SPF 50 sunscreen serum is broad spectrum, meaning it protects against UVA and UVB light. With both chemical and physical SPF and moisturizing properties, it needs to be your first line of defense against sun damage.

Basically sunscreen is a skincare money SAVER. If you don’t skincare concerns at the source, you might find that your routine is not as effective. The name of the game is about preventing issues, instead of having to heal them. It’s just good sense. Would you rather spend your time preventing illness, or nursing yourself back to health? Even if you do see progress with your current skincare routine, by continuing to expose yourself to the sun unprotected, you might find yourself causing new damage, again and again.



So, we’ve sold you on MEGASHADE. Now we need to talk about application technique. Every morning and reapplication at every two hours or after getting in the water! As the day goes on, just like our makeup wears off, so does our sunscreen. Re application is important to make sure you’re protected 24/7.

Wearing MEGASHADE means protecting your skin against skincare issues before they ever come up, so you don’t have to spend money later. I get it though; this mind-blowing revelation cannot go back in time and cure all of your past hyperpigmentation and sun damage. Because being a realist is important in skincare, in addition to adding MEGASHADE at the top of your routine, BLUR POTION and HYPERFADE are great tools to have under your belt. BLUR POTION is a skin supplement that tackles hyperpigmentation from the inside out, while HYPERFADE is a microdart patch that releases brightening ingredients topically to fight hyperpigmentation.

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