ZitSticka KILLA Dermatologist Trip
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ZitSticka KILLA: A Replacement for a Dermatologist Trip?

You wouldn’t get a shot from your dermatologist for just any kind of pimple: it’s the extra-special, blind, painful variety that warrants such a desperate measure. A shot from your derm is quick and super effective. Why deny what's good?

Well, a few reasons. They’re expensive, for a start. That money could be stockpiled for other important endeavors, such as buying nice retail items or nice food items. Also: you have to leave the house to get them, and possibly travel. Mind-bogglingly, we live in a world of Seamless and drones, but no DIY shot equivalent—what gives? One final also: it involves a needle, which not everyone is into.

On this topic, we can’t help but toot our own horn. We can’t help but make convincing correlations (Read on! Be convinced!) between derm office injections and our own fresh, envelope-pushing product, ZitSticka's KILLA. Here are the reasons we’re backing KILLA as the closest thing to an at-home shot from your dermatologist?

It resolves a zit at its source

A KILLA patch is layered with these things called self-dissolving microdarts. There are 24 of them, and each tiny microdart is comprised of 4 zit-hating ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Niacinamide and Aurien (Oligopeptide-76). When the microdarts dissolve, they dissolve right inside the heart of your pimple, releasing concentrated levels of the core four ingredients. The unique combination of ingredients are at once hyper-hydrating, exfoliating, and antimicrobial (among other things), setting out to resolve your zit from the inside out.

It resolves a zit quickly

Did we mention the microdarts dissolve in ~two hours? That could be a round trip to your derm, if you’re traveling! But at home, from the comfort of your home, you’ll apply the KILLA patch and feel the microdarts gently prick the top layer of the skin, creating micro-channels into the zit’s core. After they dissolve, something cinematic happens (well, something super effective at the very least). And TBQH, there’s no actual need to stay home—you’re now wearing the perfect teeny mask that works while you do.

Teeny micro-needles but no painful, scary needle

You know the feeling you get from squeezing bubble wrap and feeling the pop? Satisfying, right? So too is the sensation of a ZitSticka’s microdarts permeating the very outer layer of your skin. There’s a subtle feeling of something dynamic going on, but the needles are way too tiny to hurt. 

No contraindications

Derm-administered shots are near irresistible for their ability to eradicate deep zits in oh, 24 hours-ish. However, they’re also a steroid—and steroids come with contraindications. The biggest being that a dilution that’s too strong can cause pitting, which refers to depressions or indents in the skin that can occasionally be observed shortly after treatment. For the regular person, they disappear quickly, or up to a few months later, but for others the issue remains longer. Always raise this with your dermatologist ahead of treatment! Alternatively (you guessed it) zap that up-and-coming schmuck with a ZitSticka KILLA patch and expect zero side-effects, except for maybe a little redness. In a few hours, though, redness dissipates and skin is en route to betterment.