Which Skin Supplement Do You Need?
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Which Skin Supplement Do You Need?

By: Madeleine Woon



No ancient proverb is quite so enduring in life, or oft-repeated by my mom, as the saying “you are what you eat.” The former usage, a reminder that good nutrition makes for a happy and healthy life; the latter, a kind of warning as I reach across the Christmas table for another spoonful of meringue or skip a proper lunch in favor of a second coffee.

This mantra has also been ricocheting around the beauty industry like a ping pong ball thanks to the rise of ingestible skincare, and in particular skin supplements. Addressing our skin ~from the inside out~ isn’t a new approach, but it is finally gaining the momentum it deserves. There’s been a tectonic shift away from the idea that topical products are the only way to treat skincare issues, with beauty following in the holistic footsteps of the health and wellness industry instead. Hoorah for our insides! Hoorah for our outsides!

Like with everything in the beauty industry, deciding what’s best for you can be a one-way ticket to choice fatigue. That’s where this handy little guide comes into play, breaking down exactly what supplements you need based on your skin type and concerns. Strap in!



Put on this Earth to discipline unruly skin, this bottle of magic combines minerals, probiotics and fatty acids to help improve skin health; easing surface level irritation, regulating sebum levels and balancing skin-supportive bacteria. The skin-clarifying ingredients—zinc, selenium, probiotic, omega 3, vitamin B, niacin and chromium, to rattle off just a few—are able to chill together in the same tablet thanks to the nester cap-in-cap technology. Zinc keeps sebum production under control, working to unclog pores and tame overactive sebaceous glands, making it an ideal choice for those predisposed to oiliness. Selenium helps to produce antioxidants, like Vitamin A, while Omega 3 blocks pro-inflammatory molecules and aids in skin cell recovery. Cya never, inflammation!

Intended to be taken daily, SKIN DISCIPLINE is the ideal choice whether you have mildly unruly skin or are battling an army of zits. It optimizes cellular level health to improve skin health from the inside.



BLUR POTION is an antioxidant-rich blend of nutrients whose sole purpose in life is to revive your skin, and fade and blur hyperpigmentation and UV damage—including melasma, sun spots and post-zit dark spots—from within. The supplement works on long-standing, stubborn cases, and also helps to prevent future discoloration and sun damage once synced with your system. Bonus points? It is your ride to luminous and dewy skin.

The BLUR POTION supplement is formulated with Oligopin, which recycles vitamin C to ignite collagen production; Grape Seed Extract, a powerful plant clinically proven to lighten UV-induced hyperpigmentation; Vitamin A, skincare’s antioxidant darling which accelerates cell turnover; and Vitamin E, a barrier-boosting ingredient that blocks pigment production, restores elasticity and skin’s bounce. In other words, it’s perfect for those with new and old hyperpigmentation (although more historic discoloration may take a little longer to resolve than fresh cases). Keep in mind that it takes a minimum of 90 days to see results, and should always be used in tandem with diligently slapping on SPF.



If both of these sound like they apply to you, then by all means, feel free to take them at the same time—there’s zero risk in mixing the two concoctions. Team work makes the dream work, after all.



A little word for my fellow instant gratification-chasing friends: ingestible skincare is a long game. Supplementing works to provide long-lasting benefits, with results varying from person to person. While it’s about destination clear skin, the journey is not unimportant. Some people see results after 4-5 weeks, some even sooner, and for others the best improvements can be spied at 12 weeks, where maintenance is key after that. To end on another proverbial note, good skin comes to those who wait.


Alright alright alright... we understand that seeing is believing... so please enjoy these plate-dropping, show-stopping, gasp-inducing results from both BLUR POTION and SKIN DISCIPLINE