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Everything You Need to Know About Double Cleansing

By Mia Pinjuh


Korea has bestowed upon us many fine gifts (one such example here). Kimchi. The world’s first MP3 player! But Korea really changed the game when it comes to our skin routine. The famed ten-step process took the skincare internet (which totally exists) by storm and introduced us to a bewitching world of essences, ampoules and exciting new ingredients (snail extract, bee venom, ginseng, oh my!). So you've likely heard of the double-cleanse by now. But what is the best technique? What does it do? Why should you care? Let's unpack this. 



We know that it might be a pretty tall order to get you to switch gears from the holy trinity of cleanse-tone-moisturize. After all, it’s easy, it’s fast and you could (and should) do it with your eyes closed. Hear us out, though, because double-cleansing could be the key to curbing some of those environmental breakouts that like to *grace* your face.



The basic concept of a double cleanse is to use an oil-based product to start, be it a liquid or a balm, and really working it in to your pores to remove make-up, sweat, bacteria, product build-up and the general grime that settles in by the end of the day. So, the oil step breaks down whatever is on the surface of your skin, leaving you nice and shiny—then what? 


Step two is usually a lathering product or mild, water-based cleanser to sweep the residue away and really get deep into your pores, leaving you with a thoroughly clean face that’s prime for the rest of your routine.


So why bother with two cleansers when one seems to be doing the job just fine? You may feel like your skin is clean, but do us a favor and run a cotton bud over your face after your usual cleanse? If you see any residue, it’s a sign that you might need to kick things up a notch with your cleansing routine. Whether you have a whole arsenal of acid toners and a rotating cast of active-packed serums, or if you just dab on a night moisturizer and hit the hay, a double-cleansed face will be the right canvas for absorbing the most out of your products. 


The true beauty of the double-cleanse is that you have a stack of options when it comes to choosing what works for you. If you’re not one for oil cleansers, or if you struggle with dryness and sensitivity, go for a gentler micellar water product as a first step and your fave tried-and-true gentle cleanser as your second.


A double cleanse doesn’t have to be an every day thing, either. Turn to the two-steps on heavy makeup days or summer months when you’re slathering on the SPF (you’re slathering on the SPF, right!?). On other days, get more out of your regular product by massaging it into your skin for a full minute to make sure that you get as many impurities as possible. A little extra trouble may just curb some of those pesky zits


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