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FaceTime: Model, Jeet Pavlovic

Few things say 'Australia' more than a year-round tan and a fine mist of freckles. Jeet Pavlovic, a Very Good model from Sydney and untameable ball of energy, deals with zits in a very Australian way: By putting Tea Tree Oil on them (TTO is also present in ZitSticka's cleaning wipe, btw). She also happens to be a committed squeezer (same) and finds junk food perpetuates a lot of her skin drama (same). Here's what else Jeet gets up to when she's not modeling for POP Magazine or Agent Provocateur.

What does your day-to-day look like?
I spend a lot of time at uni; otherwise, you will catch me in the morning having my ritual coffee. Running around doing feel-good errands, and around the ones I love!

Jeet by Brianna Capozzi

What’s your skin *like*? What kind of zits do you typically get?
My skin is very indecisive... its condition is always changing, so I can never quite pinpoint it. It’s all the colors of the rainbow. Around my time of the month, I break out with pretty bad, deep hormonal zits which like to stick around for a week or so.

Approaches to dealing with said zits?
My approach is pretty torturous. I try my hardest not to squeeze, but I always find myself in the deepest regret and pimple anxiety when I eventually do... my next step is to put tea tree oil on and then toothpaste to dry them out. I don’t think it actually works but having a barrier around them stops me from indulging in squeezing again.Jeet Pavlovic with almond milk drinkIs there anything you do (or don’t do!) that contributes to getting zits? 

Eating loads of junk, a big weekend and squeezing all ensure that I breakout. Usually when it does occur I stay away from all of the above. I also never put makeup on them because I feel it makes them a million times worse and their unwelcome stay is extended!
True or false? When it comes to zits, prevention is better than treatment. 
True true true! Prevention is better than treatment; you feel better for one and two; you don’t need to spend all your time trying to deal with the aftermath. But thank god for treatment, because even when preventing your hormones can mess with your efforts and ruin everything!Jeet PavlovicDumbest thing you’ve ever done to a zit?
Once I stuck a safety pin in it to try and make it ooze. Instead, I bled and bled, with my spot growing five times the size and scabbing, just in time for my Year 12 formal :P [ed: Senior Prom!].
#SELFCARE: a futile millennial buzzword or something you practice with sincerity?
 Self care: something I definitely practice with sincerity and is a daily ritual. I have a cold shower as soon as I wake up (I feel it tightens my skin and de-puffs my face) next I’ll go to pilates and come home and do my skin regime (I take Glow by The Beauty Chef and use Aliangé skincare) and three times a week treat myself to a face mask. I listen to Cardi B ‘Money’ whilst getting ready to make me feel energetic and on top of the world. I love getting massages when I can afford them—a big bank account sacrifice but so worth it. I also love taking myself out for food <3
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Image 1: Brianna Capozzi, image 3: Byron Spencer