Finding An Under-the-Skin, Cystic Zit Was Once a Scary Scenario
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Finding An Under-the-Skin, Cystic Zit Was Once a Scary Scenario

For years we’ve had approximately two (known) strategies for melting those deep, upcoming, early-stage pimples: 1. Pay a silly sum of money for a derm-administered cortisone injection that’s painful yet effective, or; 2. Try a topical ointment. Try, here, is absolutely the operative word, being that most of them kind of… don’t do much. Round up to three strategies if you count cancelling all plans in favour of emotional internet shopping.

And so when your arsenal consists of costly, painful treatments you have to travel for, and the DIY kind that hangs timidly on the surface of the skin, not penetrating to the problem…. it’s only natural you feel fear when you clock a pimple brewing beneath the surface.

You know what would be useful? To be able to predict when one will show up. Lol tho. Realists know that a wish like this may be materialized only in a perfect utopian world. That, or only when individuals abandon several food groups, understand the various intricacies of hormones shifts  on a scientific level, stop stressing forever and generally have low levels of fun.

Failing utopia and a funless life, there’s always KILLA. That’s a thing we, ZitSticka, created! So yeah, we have an agenda. We’re here to talk about us, because isn’t everyone approaching 2019 with narcissism?!?

KILLA does something we’re proud of, and that’s succeeding at the source rather than failing on the surface. We know that sounds a little like a little like the Olympics, but we want to be clear about this whole permeation thing.

Your uppermost skin layer = the epidermal layer, and this is where most topical ointments, gels and creams reside. These spot treatments don’t permeate, and therein is the problem. Pore blockages and indeed, infections begin much deeper down. And so a precise treatment loaded up with acne-averse ingredients that melt directly inside the nucleus of an upcoming zit was our goal. We made it, and we’re chuffed with its ability to expedite the life cycle of an upcoming pimple.

Hit play to see the whole thing play out:

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Title image via @flux_condensor