KILLA patch with microdarts for deep blind zits
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Have A Blind, Deep Zit? The KILLA Patch Is *Not Shallow*

Our OG KILLA patch is a deep-diving master of flattening and calming. She's not shallow!

Have an event later that day and your skin decides to produce a Mount Everest of a zit? KILLA PATCH. On your period and producing painful, deep pimples at the speed of light? KILLA PATCH. Breaking out from a sugar overindulgence, because, well—do you need a reason? KILLA PATCH. This zesty zit patch uses our signature microdart technology to flood the heart of your deep, underground zit with targeted ingredients, clearing the upcoming drama before it gets real. KILLA gets to the root of the problem, rather than just sitting on top of your skin. Let's now hear from some actual customers, shall we?


Length matters! Did you know that our KILLA patches' microdarts are the longest microdarts you can find? Their height of 500 micrometers allows them to go deeper than your average zit patch to reach the epicenter of the zit. 
Don't let zits get under your skin. That's what KILLA is for ;)
KILLA contains 4 derm-backed ingredients that hit your zit within 2 hours of application:
  1. Salicylic Acid: A gentle, unclogging exfoliant that works its magic right inside the pore, salicylic is a zit's most notorious enemy. This dermatologist-loved chemical exfoliant also paves the way for a truer application to ensure the patch sticks flush to your face and stays there.
  2. Oligopeptide-76: Silences an upcoming zit's appearance before it gets real, working to disrupt the progression of it taking shape. Something else Oligopeptide-76 does is take on the firming, tightening responsibilities that all peptides do. So while it’s working as a convincing germ-hater, it’s also setting up your skin for improved texture and bounce.
  3. Niacinamide: Works with the natural substances in your skin to shrink the appearance of redness, and improve the appearance of uneven skin tone. Your skin's calm, logical, level-headed friend, niacinamide can also help to repair signs of damage.
  4. Hyaluronic Acid: A moisture-magnet and conduit for the other synergistic ingredients, hyaluronic acid ensures your skin doesn't reach desert-dry levels given KILLA's other ingredients can be drying. HA is a humectant, which makes it capable of drawing moisture from its surroundings and thus, a super excellent hydrator.
KILLA is ready to go to war with your underground zits. They may as well lay down their arms! 
Bonus: Our KILLA patches are ideal to wear under your masks to prevent any unwanted maskne!
KILLA Hack: Apply KILLA at the earliest stage of your zit (when it's still underground). This reduces the likelihood you'll ever see her come to the surface. 
KILLA Hack: Bring individual KILLA packs wherever you go! Throw one in your pocket, in your tote, or keep one in your car! They're tiny and easily transportable, so they're ready to zap your zit, no matter the zituation. 
As anyone with a period knows, hormonal acne generally takes the form of under-the-surface pimples popping up around the chin area. The best part about KILLA? She now comes in a 20-pack! No more running out of our formidable KILLA patches mid-period.
Did you know that our KILLA patches are water-resistant? Throw them on before you shower or even get a sweat in. They'll never leave your side (or your face)!


Got the sudden, irrepressible urge to try our KILLA patches right now? Valid! Click here to shop our microdart patches for your deep, hormonal, and underground zits.