How Long Exactly Does it Take for KILLA to Work?
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How Long Exactly Does it Take for KILLA to Work?

Hello there, inquisitive reader. So how long does it take for this exciting zit patch to *work*, you ask? The short answer is “it depends”. But of course, you deserve better than the shorthand. Let’s unravel this thing.

KILLA’s ideal pimple candidate is one that’s rising. No, this isn’t about moons and horoscopes—stay with us. So rising, upcoming, beneath-the-surface zits—those that throb and usually take a very long time to front up to a head. These, as you no doubt know, vary in size and severity, but are united in their cowardly pursuits to hide underground.

And it’s this anomalous nature of the early-stage zit that means its treatment time will vary. In a sentence, results vary from zit to zit.

In a case study of XYZ participants, each subject applied a KILLA patch and removed it after XYZ hours.

— % of people reporting change in pimple size and colour after 2/6/8 hours

— % of people who required a double application to see results

— % of people who reacted adversely to KILLA

— % of people who brought their underground pimple to a head after using the KILLA

— % of people whose pimple completely flattened and never reached a head after using the KILLA


Here’s something you can rely on: Each KILLA’s microdarts will dissolve right inside the nucleus of your pimple (AKA, deep) within two hours of application. So, after you’ve pressed a patch to your face and two hours have passed, you know the ingredients (hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid, niacinamide and oligopeptide-76) have dissolved and are working to resolve the infection.

Most pimples will shrink in size and swelling after 6 hours, but other cases will take a little longer. Exceptionally stubborn cases may require a follow-up application.