How to Effectively Transition Your Skincare Routine
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How to Effectively Transition Your Skincare Routine

There’s simply nothing like waking up, looking into your closet and saying “not TODAY” to your winter puffer. What does that mean? Spring is nearing, and not to be dramatic (but yes we are still going to be dramatic): We’re over this arctic tundra of a winter. With the turn of the seasons brings a corresponding need—nay, a gentle recommendation—to slightly tweak your skincare routine. While it doesn’t compare to the transition of winter to summer, there are definitely a few adjustments you can make for an optimal spring complexion.




1. Moisturizer


A lot of us made the conscious choice to switch to a nice, rich and creamy moisturizer for those frigid winter temps. With a warmer + more humid climate sliding into our DMs real quick, that buttery night cream you’ve been slathering up on your face isn’t all that necessary anymore. Since it’s not necessarily all hot and steamy yet, we recommend transitioning into a good in-between moisturizer that will keep the skin glowing without having you look like you just did two Corepower classes in a row.



2. Oils

As we mentioned, with the warmer + more humidified air means we usually don’t need that extra moisture boost in our skincare as much as usual. Need a lighter way to retain moisture? Try a hyaluronic acid (*cough cough* also one of the main ingredients in our KILLA KIT). This skin-loving substance works to retain moisture to support soft, supple and hydrated skin. Serums can also be an effective and lightweight option to deliver those hydrating benefits we know you all crave.






Listen, you should already be wearing SPF everyday and this is a huge fact. However, if you’ve been slipping on your skin protectant game while it’s cold and the sun isn’t out as much, now is the time to check yourself before you literally wreck yourself. With the sun making a more frequent appearance and the UV Rays coming for you and everyone you love, now more than ever is it the time to SP the F up.




Here’s the thing: Certain types of blemishes don’t discriminate against the seasons. They’ll pop up wherever and whenever they damn well please. This is why our ZitSticka KILLA KIT is a year-round product that you’ll probably always need in your skincare routine. KILLA’s 24 microdarts gently force targeted ingredients into the heart of your zit — rather than just flaking off the top layer of skin — to resolve your imminent zit, before it gets really real. Still not convinced? We’re about to drop some knowledge on you.

  • 81% of users found their zit reached a head within 12 hours or less, where it could be easily taken care of at a surface level
  • 91% of users reported that if they caught it early, their zit’s appearance retreated, never actually taking shape
  • 82% of users cited a “significant” improvement in the appearance of their skin 8 hours post application

Spring has not yet sprung, but we’re here and ready and willing for this warm weather change up. Is your skin ready? With these four fabulous tips from yours truly, you bet your bottom dollar your skin will be liiiiving for this weather.


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