Kenny Screven on beauty and confidence
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Instagram Angel Kenny Screven on Fierce Confidence

Confidence is a hard thing to describe. It's a presence that can effortlessly captivate a room. An energy that is universally aspirational. A feeling. One thing's for sure: Confidence is currency. Kenny Screven, the glowiest boy on the Internet, has it. Kenny's 138, 000 followers regularly tune into his YouTube channel where he speaks openly about being a boy who wears makeup, handling life's haters and more. Here, he goes deep with us on all things confidence.

Kenny Screven talks confidence

What does confidence mean to you? 
Confidence means EVERYTHING to me. Being a boy who wears makeup, you have to have confidence because there are so many critics and people who judge this idea. I was not always super confident and that's why I cherish it now. Leaving my door everyday I have to walk with my head held high. When you're confident people respect you more. There's a difference between cocky and confidence though; let's not mix the two up. I'm so confident now that I'm able to wear acrylic nails in public. Before I was too terrified to do that. Everything has a process and you should just trust it. 

(Almost) everyone has a #journey with confidence. What was your journey?
It took me a really long time to be comfortable in the skin that I’m in. Today, I could literally wear a trash bag and feel so confident. It’s all about owning your look and serving face <3. When you feel good about yourself, that energy just radiates and it's easy for other people to see that. I know it sounds cliche but how you carry yourself really matters. You can be the most attractive person in the world but if you don't have any confidence, it takes away from the appeal. 
Kenny Screven on beauty Zits are confidence breakers, obviously. What kind of zits do you get and what's the best way to deal with them?
I usually get the really big gross ones that go right in the center of your forehead. (Usually right before an event or something) of course. Sometimes when I pop them, there's still that zit there. In high school I used to break out all over my forehead. I was super insecure about it. I didn’t want people thinking they were talking to Rumpelstiltskin’s twin haha. 

What are some lifestyle things that contribute to your zits?!! Have you ever tried to "clean" or "fix" a part of your life as you felt it was giving you zits?
To be honest, I’ve noticed that when I drink a lot of soda or dairy I tend to break out more. Idk what it is, but every time I drink soda I can 1000% guarantee that I will have zit on my forehead the next day. Thank God I have ZitSticka now. Totally a life saver. I had beauty con this past weekend and it totally saved my life on the pink carpet. I used to break out on my chin a lot as well when I drink dairy products. I’m able to have dairy in very small portions. So an occasional milkshake is okay (hahaha). 
Kenny Screven talks beautyBest songs for feeling confident?
When I want to feel confident, my favorite songs to listen to are “Bossy” by Kelis. Such an oldie but a goodie. Saweetie’s “ICY GRL” is another song that makes me feel super confident. To be honest, her whole ICY album does. And last but not least Britney Spears' iconic “Gimme More”. The beat makes me feel super hot and ready to conquer the world. 

Best movies for feeling confident? 
Honestly, Mean Girls. I’m always trying to live out my inner Regina George. I also really enjoy, “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” with Nick Cannon and Christina Milian. Lastly, this might come to a shock but “Love & Basketball” with Sanaa Lathan. The way she fought for her man's love at the end was super cute.Kenny Screven meets Paris HiltonBest MAKEUP LEWK for feeling confident? 
I have so many iconic makeup looks but my go to favorites would have to be a barbie pink smokey eye. Its like hiiii, I’m a barbie but I’m totally still sexy. I also have this weird natural makeup that I like to do. It’s like tricking people into thinking I’m naturally this perfect with a glow from within.