Meet Oligopeptide-76: The Superlative Acne Melting Ingredient
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Meet Oligopeptide-76: The Superlative Acne Melting Ingredient

Salicylic acid, hyaluronic, niacinamide… all efficacious ingredients, widely-lauded by dermatologists. All vital for upkeeping your excellent face. All ingredients embedded within our tech-meets-skincare acne patch, the KILLA. KILLA is our only child (read: only product, at least for now) and so you can be sure we put a lot of consideration into selecting her perfect potion of ingredients.


Ever heard of oligopeptide-76, though? It’s KILLA’s fourth and final ingredient*, and boy, is it a cracker.


She's here to say hi. She looks a little like this: 
KILLA zit patch pimple patch With an authoritative nickname like OG-76, you’d be forgiven for thinking this strong but gentle antimicrobial has done a lot of time on the skincare circuit. Truth be told she’s a lesser-known legend; one that works to negate bacteria in a way that’s much less harsh than her counterparts. This makes OG-76 safe for skin types that are reactive to more traditional bacteria melters like Benzoyl Peroxide, and just as effective.


Something else Oligopeptide-76 does is take on the firming, tightening responsibilities that all peptides do. So while it’s working as a convincing antimicrobial, it’s also setting up your skin for improved texture and bounce.




*The patch also contains one inactive ingredient that serves as a pH balancer: Sodium Hydroxide. You can read more about KILLA and her ingredients here.