Ingredient Hype: French Maritime Pine Bark Extract
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Ingredient Hype: French Maritime Pine Bark Extract

By: Lauren White

Ahem, it’s story time. Picture this. *Sparkle sound effect*

Many, many years ago, along the coast of southwest France, in a green, lush forest, a precious skincare ingredient was discovered among the native trees. 

What is it?

It’s French maritime pine bark extract (FMPBE), and it’s a blessed mouthful! FMPBE is an ingredient that when used in skincare, curbs hyperpigmentation and increases elasticity and collagen in the skin. 

It’s also derived from a special group of pine trees native to the largest forest in France. These trees are cultivated for their bark, which extract a red-brown powder that can be used in supplements.

Maritime pine bark extract is like that friend you have that only wears chic, tasteful vintage, hasn’t watched television in two years, does yoga every day and drinks top shelf natural red wine.

*French chef's kiss*

But what does pine bark extract rlly do? 

In short, it’s an antioxidant. In long, it fights hyperpigmentation, boosts collagen production and elasticity, and hydrates the skin while improving the function of the skin barrier. In skin supplements (eyes on BLUR POTION), it also recycles and regenerates vitamin C and vitamin E. 

TTYL, dark spots. 


The ingredient itself can be found especially effective in a compound form called Oligopin. Oligopin is the highest quality form of French maritime pine bark extract. 

It contains 70% oligomeric procyanidins, 20% flavonoid dimers and less than 1% tannins. Oligopin® is the most purified pine bark extract on the market. Other hyperpigmentation supps don’t use Oligopin and—if we may be so bold!—we think that’s why they can’t claim results like these. The highest purity, quality and potency French Maritime Pine Bark on the commercial market, Oligopin is peerless in fading hyperpigmentation from the inside out. Grape seed extract and BP’s other ingredients step in for fading power in numbers!

This specific ingredient combination is a concentrated source containing proanthocyanidins, organic acids and other biologically active components. These ingredients improve blood flow and ease swelling while FMPBE helps ignite collagen production and regenerate skin.

Don’t worry if you can’t pronounce half of these words (I assure you I’m no better); we don’t mean to give you eleventh grade chemistry lab flashbacks. All this science jargon really just translates into effective ingredients (that aren’t really found in other lookalike supplements TBH). As an antioxidant, FMPBE regenerates the skin barrier while actively repairing damage and restoring brightness and bounce in the skin. 

Why should it be in my skincare routine?

This natural plant extract is hyper-rich in antioxidant compounds. Through multiple clinical studies, FMPBE has proven clinically effective in reducing melanin deposition. It also recycles the vitamin C in your body to help ignite collagen production (those guys need each other!), and regenerates vitamin E to accelerate skin revival.


Who should use it?

Unfortunately, we all have a little bit of skin damage. But FMPBE’s specific superpower is the major repair of dark spots and hyperpigmentation on the skin. PLUS, when used overtime, it works as an active defense against any future discoloration. 

The pine bark extract in BLUR POTION is paired with an antioxidant-rich blend of nutrients whose sole purpose in life is to revive your skin, and fade and blur hyperpigmentation and UV damage—including melasma, sun spots and post-zit dark spots—from within. 

It works well with grape seed extract to lighten hyperpigmentation, vitamin A to accelerate cell turnover and vitamin E to restore elasticity, a combination curated to fade dark spots and even skin tone fast. 

TBH, who wouldn’t want the Oligopin potion? 

Oh and it also gives your skin a smooth, luminous and dewy complexion. Bring on the glow, baby. 

We just wanna say TYSM to FMPBE, K?

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