Replace 3 Products With This Fierce Multi-Tasker
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Replace 3 Products With This Fierce Multi-Tasker

By: Madeleine Woon


Picture this: A world in which a litany of your acne-fighting beauty products were whittled down into one key product. A Utopia. A dream. Well sugar, that dream is now a reality. Introducing our new multi-masker for acne-prone skin: PORE VAC. Her talents? Vacuuming pores, refining texture and balancing oil levels. More on this later.

If this was a QVC infomercial, there’d be sepia-drenched footage of an overflowing beauty cabinet, products spilling out as soon as the doors swung open. A frustrated consumer would be pulling at their hair, wading through a sea of plastic, while a narrator would posit questions like, "Do you often find yourself running late, too rushed to play hide and seek with the products you’re after? Tired of leaving the house skipping out on crucial steps in your skincare routine when you can’t find what you’re after? Is your skin suffering as a result? Has this ever happened to you?"

After this nightmarish scene was flashed across your screen, the dull, lifeless tones would give way to a technicolor scene in which one product was thrust into the hands of the hapless protagonist. This miracle product would do away with cluttered beauty cabinets. It would save unruly skin. It would change lives. 

As it were, the days of infomercials are long gone. Instead, this is a humble brag educating you on our new acid-rich clay mask for congested skin: PORE VAC. See below for a snappy rundown. 


Who is she?

She who shall not yet be named is a creamy cleanser and *detoxifying* face mask that likes to work deeply; thoroughly! She is the enemy of blackheads. Suitable for all skin types including and especially acne-prone skin, her greatest achievements in life are unclogging pores and deeply exfoliating. A potent combo of Kaolin and Bentonite clays, a 4-acid blend, sulfur and ACV work like a vacuum to alleviate your skin of pollutants, kill breakout-causing invaders, and target congestion, clogged pores, and dead skin cell buildup.


Why ditch my other products for the new gal in town?

The genius of PORE VAC lies in her versatility. One minute she’s a spot treatment, the next a T-zone treatment, and more often than not, just a regular mask. Formulated specifically for sensitive skin, she’s here to save you from your erstwhile harsh benzoyl peroxide treatments, and is known to block blackheads from forming as well as eliminating them. 

Formulated with two natural earth clays—Bentonite and Kaolin—the mask works tirelessly to dislodge dirt and debris from your pores; more capable than a Dyson vacuum is at sucking pet hair from a rug. And all the while calming inflamed, broken out skin. This combo deal ensures that the mask is perfectly suited to all skin types—from oily to normal and all that lies between. 

Elsewhere, the 4-Acid combination, Niacinamide, Sulfur and Apple Cider Vinegar team up to take on your acne. Natural Orange Peel Extract brightens skin and Jojoba Esters detoxify the skin without over-drying. Targeted spot treatment or full face treatment? The choice is entirely up to you! 


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