SOS! Just Popped A Zit? You Need This Post-Care Routine
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SOS! Just Popped A Zit? You Need This Post-Care Routine

By: Clare Daly


It’s a tried and true commandment of skincare. You’ve heard it from your bestie; your mom; even your favorite skinfluencer. Derm and estheticians would recoil in horror if they witnessed such a sinister faux pas. Four words, one rule: Don’t. Pop. Your. Zits! 

But why? It gets that good goo right out… right? Satisfying, no?! Yes, that’s absolutely true. But getting the gunk out before it’s ready can cause more damage than the pimple itself. Whiteheads function just like scabs, with your white blood cells working their hardest to regenerate the spot. If you go in on the whitehead too early, the natural processes are interrupted and the renewal is interrupted. Not to mention, that satisfying extraction you’re hoping for is less likely to happen since the fluid will be tougher to extract so soon. Regardless of the age of the zit, popping it only brings more bacteria to the site, even with clean hands or tools! More bacteria equals an ideal breeding ground for more intense acne. Thanks, but no thanks.


Illustrious Ingredients

Fear not, skinthusiasts and poptimists! For clear skin and sludge satisfaction, GOO GETTER is the way to go. These itty-bitty zitty zappers are perfect for tackling the common surface spot. GOO GETTER patches aren’t your typical hydrocolloid stickas: GGs make their mark by sticking close to the zit while gently vacuuming out the ick. The former Mount Vesuvius on your face will be suffocated (!) by soothing yet powerful ingredients. Niacinamide, tea tree oil, and salicylic acid perform damage control by cleaning up and calming down the site of the eruption. Niacinamide helps quell redness and uneven skin tone caused by zits, then tea tree oil sinks in and unclogs the most stubborn of pores. This Australian export thrives alongside BHAs like salicylic acid, which also unearths the dirt beneath the breakout. Once the breakout fades, Vitamin C swoops in to renew and refresh. Added bonus: by covering that shrewd spot, your skin is shielded from the elements and you resist the urge to pop. GOO GETTER patches might be small, but their impact is formidable.


Aftermath Action

If you just can’t resist the urge to pop, we get it. We’ve been there. We know how exciting it is to see the gunk fly out of your face. When you can’t fight the feeling to pick, GOO GETTER’s there for damage control. Whiteheads work with white blood cells to naturally form the pus on top that protects the zit from further pollution or grime. GOO GETTER acts like an artificial scab to add an extra layer of protection to the area.


Fading Fast

Once GOO GETTER has stamped out your spots, use HYPERFADE to get rid of any discoloration. Just like KILLA, it’s a microdart patch that fast-fowards the life cycle of post-zit dark spots. This filterless fader will restore an even skin tone and prevent dark spots from crawling back.


Quit popping zits and shop GOO GETTER here.