The Self-Love Gift Guide
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The Self-Love Gift Guide

By: Clare Daly


Fact: February is a month of celebrating love in all forms. Whether you’re partnered up, part of a friend group that rivals SATC, or petitioning for the best sibling award, don’t forget about the most important person in your life. YOU! Go find your glow with fresh face masks, calming candles, and more. Channel your inner material gworl and check out these luxurious ideas for a moment of serenity and self-love. 


1. Press Refresh on Yourself

As any skincare stan would know, a face mask is the first line of defense when relaxing your skin and soothing your soul. May we suggest PRESS REFRESH? Our graphene-infused sheet mask uses heat conductivity technology to bond to and respond to your skin, delivering ingredients deeper than regular sheet masks can. PRESS REFRESH’s gel texture is made up of tried and true ingredients like salicylic acid, hyaluronic acid and allantoin that unite to rehydrate and calm stressed skin. For a veritable spa-like experience, throw your mask in the fridge before using it for the ultimate cooling sensation!

The best part about PRESS REFRESH is all the ingredients are vegan and are proven to be non-irritating. Valentine's Day? More like Sal-entine’s Day, thanks to salicylic acid (sorry for making that joke). A key ingredient in PRESS REFRESH, it’s a BHA that ditches debris with lightning speed! It works hard to turn clogged pore trash into top-level treasure (a.k.a. satiny surface skin). After this BHA comes the HA: Hyaluronic acid. The OG acid takes the water that’s already in your skin, locks it in, and throws away the key. What’s a better gift to yourself than a strong hydration boost that keeps your skin looking dewy and youthful? Beats me! Next comes allantoin, a K-beauty darling that deserves your time and attention. Allantoin is an anti-inflammatory, protective ingredient perfect for calming redness and sensitive skin and sealing the skin’s barrier.


This mask majeure can be used 1-3 times a week as a wake-up call or a nightcap, depending on your persuasion. Wear PRESS REFRESH in the bath, while bingeing your latest Netflix addiction or even on a Zoom call to flex your mask elitism to your peers. Suggestions! We’re full of them.


2. Early Bird Gets The Silkworm


White King Envelope Pillowcase

Spending ages in the bathroom applying dozens of products to wake up with baby-soft skin is a perfectly indulgent bedtime pursuit. But what if all that work is washed away by something as simple as a nasty pillowcase? Each layer of cleanser, moisturizer and serum; gone forever. Thanks, acne mechanica! This stubborn type of acne pops up when your skin comes into contact with something it doesn’t vibe with, and it very well could be what’s causing you to wake up with zits galore despite your intense nightly regimen. 

Instead of saying R.I.P. to $$$ worth of product, consider investing in a silk pillowcase. Derms, beauty experts, and hairstylists have big love for them—they might be the next best thing to a literal lullaby according to skin stars like Dr. Barabara Sturm, Charlotte Tilbury, Jen Atkin, and (gasp!) Cindy Crawford herself. 

If you keep a humidifier on while you sleep, you’re already halfway there. Moisture is great for your skin, but traditional pillowcases can absorb the creams and washes that work to keep that precious water intact. Slip claims that their pillowcases absorb wayyy less face cream than your run of the mill case, and the smooth surface results in 43% less friction between your gorgeous face and a typical mid-level thread count pillowcase. 

Remember, the early bird catches the silkworm! 


3. It’s A Match


Baies / Berries candle

From bougie Diptyque Baies to the bargain bin, there’s nothing like a candle to create a nonpareil place for relaxation this February.

The Baies is a bit of a gateway drug to a candle obsession, so be warned! It fills your space with scents that are much easier to place than Diptyque’s names are to pronounce: a rosy, berry blend with a touch of sweetness. Not your taste? Try Santal, it’s woodsy, musky and a little spicy. Balling on a budget? Try candles from Bath and Body Works or DW Home, which have simpler titles that are easier to decipher, along with dupes of popular scents from more expensive brands.

A great thing about candles is that once they’ve burnt through, you can upcycle the gorgeous jars for decoration for that Cool Girl aesthetic you’ve always dreamed of, despite not living on 5th Avenue.

Whatever brand you choose, candles are ideal for feigning luxury and feeling serenity at the same time. Let the scents wash over you and live your best life.

Lastly, buy yourself flowers. You deserve it!


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