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Wait: Should You Be Smearing Probiotics on Your Skin?!

By: Lauren White


Some people say that the key to life is balance…at least that’s what I tell myself when I go for a run and then treat myself to vanilla ice cream afterwards. But even though it’s kind of a cliché, there is some truth to balancing the good and the bad. And so naturally, we want to help you with that in the skin department (which is selfishly our favorite department).

With skin health comes overall health, and as un-glamorous as it is, a big component of our skin and bodies is bacteria. So, we’ve been furiously researching the nuances of intricacies of probiotics for some time now, and they *might* just be our favorite thing. You are probably familiar with probiotics in the form of kombucha, yogurt, or an oral capsule. In simple terms, probiotics are gut-friendly, good bacteria that have a ton of benefits ranging from digestion and immune regulation, to reducing inflammation. But did you know that they're fabulous when used topically as well?! Let's get into such things below. 


So let’s talk about the gut—she’s fun, fresh, and flirty!

Your gut microbiome is the home base for bacteria in your body. Here’s where the checks and balances of good and bad bacteria occur. When you have a healthy balance, you’ve reached the golden state of ~equilibrium~.

The gut is a major part of our overall health, and can have a huge impact on our other organs, including (you guessed it)... the skin. If your body’s microbiome is inflamed, it might be preventing your skin from healing. And the first step to showing the gut some TLC? Probiotics!

The good news for us skincare-obsessed is that not only can probiotics reduce inflammation on the inside of our bodies, but the external skin too (ahem, acne...we’re looking at you). 


A Probiotics Schmear

No, we're not talking about schmearing probiotics on your bagels... we're talking about schmearing the skin! In case you missed it, we developed a probiotic-rich body wash for sensitive, acne-prone skin. She's called SILKSHAKE, and she's here to stay! 

So, why probiotics? Simply put, probiotics applied topically promote a positive bacterial balance in the skin, and may improve skin conditions including acne, eczema and psoriasis. But did you know about the other "biotics"?! Within SILKSHAKE's innovative blend, we forumlated it with pre, post, and probiotics.

Probiotics restore the all holy microbiome balance—AKA keeps nice bacteria in + mean bacteria out. Prebiotics are the food consumed by probiotics, *empowering* them to do their job properly. Postbiotics are produced during the fermentation process. These little rockstars strengthen and thicken your skin barrier! These probiotic topicals not only give love to your moisture barrier, but their foundation is also a natural defense system that doesn’t allow acne to hang around in your ~environment.~ SRY acne, no entry beyond this point!


back to the gut

But we know what you might be thinking… bacteria? Yuck.

And yes, probiotics are bacteria, but they’re the good kind. Our bodies and our skin are full of healthy (and unhealthy) bacteria, and a probiotic supplement works to ~balance~ the entire body’s situation.

Specifically in our skin, a probiotic supplement like SKIN DISCIPLINE can help create an environment populated with more good bacteria than bad, resulting in less acne, redness and inflammation. Think of the skin as having its own immune system, and probiotics help build up a defense against the harmful bacteria and negative environmental factors.

Just as your diet directly affects your skin, so do healthy supplements; both oral and topical. After all, with balance comes connection—among the body and skin. Your gut, brain, and skin are affected by one another. What you put in (and on) your body has a direct impact on the health of your skin.

The skin microbiome is highly individualized, but studies that have been done in acne and other inflammatory and infectious conditions indicate that probiotics could positively impact these disease states.

We know skincare ingredient buzzwords can get hectic these days, but probiotics are essential and easy, and a part of your skincare routine that you won’t want to miss.

These powerful regulators, paired with more essential healthy supplements like omega fatty acids (both ingredients in SILKSHAKE and SKIN DISCIPLINE) will have your skin and body at the best version of itself.

Between growth and reinforcement of a healthy body and skin, adding probiotics to your skincare routine is like the cherry on top. Ahh, the delicious treat of self-care.

Speaking of treats—can someone pass the gut-supportive sauerkraut?!


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