Bianca Valle Holistic Nutritionist on inner health
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What I've Learned About Inner Health and Its Effects on Skin

By Bianca Valle

We all love skincare products.

Owning and using products make us feel luxurious, productive and even give us the opportunity to have a ritual. Some lotions and potions work, and some don't, but what really works is taking care of your skin from the inside-out.

What you put into your body—including thoughts and ideas—shows on the outside. Not only did I learn this the hard way, but also through my schooling to become a holistic nutritionist. Below is a brief breakdown of things to keep in mind if you'd prefer to only have to use a ZitSticka every now and then (but with that said, using them often is absolutely okay, too!).

  • You've heard it before and here, you will hear it again: Water! WATER! Drinking water keeps your system going and facilitates digestion. Breakouts are caused by many, many things—certainly not just an inadequate intake of water—but water is vital to many internal processes and can help to cleanse your insides, turning down dullness and turning up glow. 
  • Processed foods—like those found on a shelf or in a wrapper—oftentimes bring with them nasty preservatives, colorants and binders. Our bodies can't break these things down as readily as those foods that way, so they could manifest into acne. Next time you want to reach for a protein bar as a snack, maybe an apple or a banana will do you more good. 
  • Taking a supplemental probiotic is a great idea, but so too is EATING your probiotics, if you're into that. Keeping your gut happy and fed with good, diverse bacteria gets your insides balanced, and if your body is balanced, you are less likely to breakout.
  • The hardest thing for me personally is keeping my coffee intake low. Having too much coffee can lead to unhappy skin, as caffeine can your adrenal glands into overdrive which can create extraneous stress hormones. 

    This spike in stress hormones can heighten blood sugar levels by increasing the amount of insulin in the body. The excess insulin can result in more sebum (oil) production, which creates clogged pores, which in turn can result in !more! !breakouts! Sucks, I know.
  • Even though it's my last point, I would say it's the most important: Low stress goes hand in hand with good skin. If you stay calm, your body is calm, which means your skin is calm! Connect the dots? Janice Tran from ZitSticka (this very company!) once told me, "If you are resting, the skin is resting". Let's chill out guys!


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