What's the difference between a hydrocolloid and microdart patch?
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What's the difference between a hydrocolloid and microdart patch?

We love all of our zit patch children equally. They are all different in their own perfect ways! We simply cannot play favorites. One works to alleviate those deep, hormonal zits. One brightens the peskiest of dark spots. One rids the skin of the common surface pimple! We’re conferring with you all today to differentiate two of our highly distinguished ZitSticka patches: KILLA and GOO-GETTER (also known as Gigi). We created both to be your go-to knights in shining armor to banish your zits from the renowned kingdom that is your face. However, they each wear different kinds of cute, shiny armor, you could say. Shall we delve into the zit fighting weapons each of our knights possesses? We shall!

Hydrocolloids! Hazah! 

So what are these cheeky little stickers, anyway? Well, interestingly enough, these weren’t created for the likes of pimples. The word “hydrocolloid” comes from the Greek word “hydro,” meaning “water” and “kolla,” meaning glue! A hydrocolloid is a type of bandage that creates a moist and protected environment that works to absorb fluids and pus. Hydrocolloids are perfect for mitigating wounds of all kinds, and if you think about it, zits are sort of like tiny wounds that need some nourishing and extraction. 

Sucks to be GOO.

Now that we know what a hydrocolloid is, let’s talk about our new baby hydrocolloid: GOO-GETTER! GG, or Gigi, is an ingredient-packed hydrocolloid patch for the late-stage zit, and more specifically: the common zit (more on this later). We apologize now for using this analogy, but think of it like a toilet plunger! It’s there to yank out all the clogged gunk so your toilet (skin) is all clear. Yummy! 

Our hydro-suction tech is specifically formulated to draw out all of the goo (moisture) from the affected area. Once you’ve left your Gigi patch on long enough, you’ll be able to remove the patch and see all the white goo that gets suctioned out right on the patch. Our little ‘colloid also manages to coerce the brain into believing that there is a scab. This stimulates the skin harmonizing process in a speedy fashion. 

Let’s talk ingredients. Our uniquely formulated GOO-GETTER patches include:

  • Salicylic acid: The OG exfoliant that comfortably burrows into your pores to clear dirt and debris.
  • Tea tree oil: A famous antibacterial essential oil that effectively treats wounds caused by, you guessed it, bacteria! 

  • Niacinamide: Collabs with your natural bodily substances to reduce redness and balance an uneven skin tone.
  • Vitamin C: What we like to call, “the anti-dark spot machine.” It’s a powerful antioxidant that helps to prevent melanin production, which results in hyperpigmentation. 

Our newest child contains some serious zit zapping ingredients, and they are ready and willing to really suck the goo out of those superficial pimples. However, they are only meant to yield their weapons for those common, whiteheaded, superficial zits. These are quite different from those deep, underground and hormonal pimples we tend to see pop up from stress or our period. In fact, GOO-GETTER is specifically perfect for alleviating mask-ne! While wearing a mask can protect us from the universal villain that is COVID...it seems to be wreaking havoc on our skin. Mask-ne, or “acne mechanica” is caused by friction from the mask against the skin and bacteria build-up due to a moist and enclosed environment. Mask-ne is an issue that GOO-GETTER is here to solve. Just pop on our little Gigi under your mask to protect it throughout the day, and/or apply it at night to really go to town on your latest zit takeover. 

A Natural Born KILLA

Now, let’s discuss our first born: KILLA. We know her, we’re good friends with her, we’re just as loyal to her as Gigi. But what is the difference between her and her sister, GG? We’re glad you asked. KILLA is a self-dissolving microdart patch for the blind, unidentifiable, hard-to-reach ones that greet you first thing in the morning. The deep shiners that pulse like a bass line. The early-stage, upcoming ones that previously left you helpless. The type that creams will struggle to access. 

KILLA’s weaponry includes 24 tiny microdarts that self-dissolve within just two hours of application. Once the ingredients dissolve, they run full speed ahead to the epicenter of this reputed pimple. Once beneath the surface and in the eye of the storm, it blasts the culprit with a powerful combination of: 
  • Salicylic acid: A gentle, unclogging exfoliant that absolutely finesses its magic right inside the pore.

  • Niacinamide: Works alongside the natural substances in your skin to minimize the appearance of redness, and improve the appearance of uneven skin tone.

  • Oligopeptide-76: works tirelessly to disrupt the progression of the zit taking shape. It also tightens the skin for improved texture and bounce.

  • Hyaluronic acid: a well-known moisture-attracter and conduit for the other ingredients included in KILLA 

The Gist: A Pimple Patch for Everyone

We are here for the people, and by the people!! KILLA really does live up to her name. Those relentless underground zits are hard AF to reach, let alone banish from your face, and she does both! However, our Zitty Committee deserved a timeless classic hydrocolloid for those common, superficial zits that we’re seeing, especially now with the prospect of having to wear a mask at all hours of the day. In conclusion:

Don’t know the difference between an undercover, deep-rooted zit and a superficial one? Do not fret! Click here to brush up on your zit knowledge.