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Why Topical Products Aren't Typically Great Spot Treatments

Spot treatments are, frankly, a little audacious. They demand that we, their users, buckle up and take a risk. A risk on another miniature vessel of gel, gunk, cream or ointment that may or may not do anything. We’ve been burned in the past. 

ZitSticka’s KILLA, as you may or may not know, is a special kind of spot treatment that target the deep, underground pimple you find percolating beneath the surface. 

In essence, we created KILLA to solve for some of the drawbacks of topical spot treatments. The reasons you’re a little hesitant to fork over another $17 or $28 or $33 or $42.50 in blind faith for a brighter tomorrow. 

And so here’s why topical products usually aren't amazing spot treatments. 

1. They don’t act beneath the surface 
Superficial spot treatments versus ZitStickaTopical spot treatments usually contain ingredients with antimicrobial and drying actions. Useful for pimples that have risen to a head, but in the case of early-stage, deep-seated acne? All that happens is that the top layer of skin is sloughed away. 

(In other words, they don’t penetrate deeply enough in order to target the source of the infection.)

2. There’s no barrier between your zit and the world
Now obviously the discovery of a pimple is not enough to incite a kind of self-imposed house arrest. Life must go on! And so there’s a lot of bacteria/grime/pollution out there in the wild just waiting to take up residence on your pimple and further escalate the situation. A topical spot treatment won’t save you from these free-roaming ravages, but ZitSticka’s KILLA will. 
ZitSticka stops you from touching your pimple
3. You might be inclined to touch the thing
Tell us you don’t have wandering hands; hands attached to fingers that are magnets for pimples… and we’ll call you a liar (or at least a weirdo with very excellent self-control). If we may just throw another bit of shade @ topicals: they’re not going to save you from your own hands. Bet you can guess the science-backed innovation in acne patches that will?

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Ultimately, our thoughts on topical spot treatments? 
Topical spot treatments don't go deep enough

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