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Your Top 7 MEGASHADE Questions, Answered!

Something MEGA has finally landed: our new SPF, MEGASHADE. She is beauty and she is grace and is ready to protect your skin from that giant fiery ball in outer space. Importantly, she’s a broad-spectrum 50+ serum (saving you the displeasure of a white cast and giving you a sheeny dew), built for daily protection from the sun, and formulated for breakout-prone skin. Now that you all have formally met, let’s get right down to the real nitty gritty. Please now proceed to our most frequently asked questions about this MEGA SPF.


1. How does MEGASHADE fight breakouts?

MEGASHADE is suncare that cares. What do we mean by that? Not only is it protecting your skin from the persistently abrasive sun and safe for your breakouts, but it also fights your existing breakouts. 
It’s enriched with zit-repelling ingredients and antioxidants: soothing Niacinamide, antimicrobial Tea Tree and Aloe Vera, and redness-reducing Colloidal oatmeal. It’s also certified non-comedogenic meaning it won’t clog pores.


2. Does it leave a white cast?

AbsolUTELY not! Nothing screams Larry the Lobster like an egregious sunscreen white cast. This skin-savvy chemical-mineral hybrid blends effortlessly into skin. A necessary bonus: We just couldn’t help ourselves including ingredients like colloidal oatmeal and ceramide NG (both locked and loaded with moisture) to give a serum-y finish that leaves you mega dewy.

3. Does it work under makeup?

Simply nothing is more infuriating than spending 2+ hours dressing your face to have it turn to pure CLUMPS because you were a responsible human and put on your necessary SPF. MEGASHADE is the base your face needs prior to makeup! A little tacky and a lot silky, MEGASHADE helps your foundation hold its position. 


4. Wait, so MEGASHADE is a sunscreen serum? 

You read that correctly! We formulated MGS to sink easily into skin and blend seamlessly. Translation: no white cast or greasiness, this sweetheart is almost as lightweight as your regular serums. We’d also note that while you’d usually apply your serums prior to your moisturizer, MEGASHADE should be the very last step in your skincare routine for optimal sun protection.


5. Is MEGASHADE non-comedogenic (won't block my pores)?

You bet your skincare obsessed booty it’s non-comedogenic! If you have breakout-prone skin, MEGASHADE shall be your new ride-or-die sunscreen. Not only will our SPF not clog your pores, but it actually fights zits (while fighting rays) with antimicrobial tea tree, calming niacinamide + soothing colloidal oatmeal. Your average SPF could never.


6. Why is MEGASHADE a chemical mineral hybrid? What is that even?

No rays will get past when you combine both a mineral and chemical SPF. They’re basically your skin’s personal bodyguards. While mineral SPF forms a reflective barrier on top of the skin, the chemical SPF forms an absorbing barrier within the skin. If a UV ray gets past the mineral barrier (for whatever reason; i.e. the barrier rubbed off) the chemical SPF will absorb the ray and turn it into heat. Voila! A comprehensive, broad-spectrum SPF protection.


7. How does MEGASHADE prevent hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation is known to be exacerbated by UV rays, so, using our comprehensive SPF should first and foremost prevent your skin forming new hyperpigmentation. The added benefit is that it even brightens past hyperpigmentation with a generous amount of Kakadu Plum. Not only is it entertaining to chirp out loud, but Kakadu Plum is actually the highest known source of vitamin C. And we all know vitamin C is our Chief Executive when it comes to lightening dark spots.


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