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ZitSticka: How it All Started With a Butt Pimple

Who really IS ZitSticka? How did we find ourselves in this world of skincare and zits? Well, we have our highly requested origin story to, ahem, clear things up for you (pun intended), dear readers. Please let your eyeballs proceed to the non-fiction story of our brand, ZitSticka! 

Our two founders, Robbie Miller and Daniel Kaplan, are where our story begins. Robbie, having come from a background of pharmaceuticals, skincare and tech, andDaniel (henceforth we shall refer to him as Danny), coming from a background of human biology, make the ultimate duo when it comes to creating optimal skincare products.

Fun Fact: They’re also brother-in-laws! 

So, why was our OG product, KILLA, ever birthed into this world? 

It’s the Butt Boil for Me

“The way that it happened was that I got a massive boil on my bum, golf ball size. Then a year later I felt that it was coming back, and the person I saw at the pharmacy told me that I should use Ichthammol which is a drawing salve but it stains everything it touches. It is extremely black and tarry and so he said to place a plaster on top so it doesn’t stain anything. After using this, it was quite literally a lightbulb moment that whenever I get a spot in my life I am going to put a plaster over it.” — Daniel Kaplan

It was the elusive butt boil that truly sparked the epiphany—Whenever Danny had a spot, he was going to put plaster over it, preferably with some hardworking ingredients layered under it. Our other co-founder, Robbie, has a background in pharmaceuticals, so when he saw Daniel’s idea he was like, “Yes Just yes.” 


Our First Born

At the time, our founders were dumbfounded that there were no such things as a zit patch infused with pimple-fighting ingredients. There were only hydrocolloids (which we now have in addition to our KILLA patch) but nothing that truly targeted those deep, underground zits that take ions to get rid of.

So! Our founders went into stealth investigator mode to research our target audience about what they were doing, it was amazing how many people had given up with current treatments on the market and how many people were trying crazy, different things because they didn’t know what else to do. And so, we understood that in order to become efficacious we had to get beneath the surface, straight to the source of the infection.

And so our first child, KILLA, was born. She’s a penetrative stick-on patch that uses microdart technology to directly deposit acne-fighting ingredients into early stage spots to halt zit formation in its tracks. The adhesive backing encloses the early-stage zit to protect the vulnerable area and keep it sterile. Each patch contains 24 self-dissolving microdarts which prick the affected area (there’s a satisfying pricking sensation) and penetrate active product beyond the epidermal layer, straight into the zit’s nucleus. In just two hours acne-causing bacteria is killed and the size and redness of the zit is noticeably reduced. Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide (B3), and Salicylic Acid are paired with the gentle bacteria busting peptide, Oligopeptide-76 to quickly and effectively prevent acne outbreaks.


Changing the Stigmatic Convo on Zits

Our original hope was for people to be proud of posting pictures of themselves in their ZitSticka. The only way to truly help insecurities is to talk about how normal it is. 

“We’re intent on starting a different conversation around acne; one with more transparency that normalizes acne. In being more vulnerable about spots, we think it’s possible to cultivate a community in which people feel more empowered to treat them. Our tone of voice is really foundational in this—we’re interested in talking to people like people; the same way they talk to their friends. Humour can’t be underestimated either—we're at once proposing that zits are an entirely normal and non-shameful phenomenon, but that we can help you get rid of them,” says Miller. 

Say Hello to the Rest of the ZitSticka Family

Since the start of ZitSticka, we have expanded into four other zit-arresting products that we love just as much as our first child. Let’s give some of them the spotlight! Once again because we love our children equally!:

  • SKIN DISCIPLINE: Our daily supplement that quells breakouts from the inside. We created this supplement with a unique blend of vitamins and minerals, probiotics, and fatty acids to curb common breakouts by easing surface level inflammation, regulating sebum levels, and balancing skin-supportive bacteria.

  • HYPERFADE: ZitSticka’s second self-dissolving microdart patch, but for dark spots! HYPERFADE is infused with a mix of elite ingredients such as niacinamide, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid + more to brighten and lighten post-zit dark spots.

  • PRESS REFRESH: A hydrogel exfoliating mask that is doused in pore unclogging acids while also using hyaluronic acid and niacinamide to hydrate and soothe the skin. 

  • GOO GETTER: Our newest baby and hydrocolloid patch that we’ve impregnated with derm-backed niacinamide, salicylic acid, vitamin C and tea tree to accelerate the skin clearing and renewal on superficial zits. 

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Title image: Ilse Chavira