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The fastest acting microdart acne patch for deep, early stage zits

  • For nose zits + clogged pores

  • Calms and soothes

  • Reinforces moisture barrier

  • Niacinamide

    Skincare's Prom Queen, this loved-by-all form of vitamin B dials down redness + soothes stressed skin.

  • Salicylic Acid

    The OG exfoliant that burrows into your pores to clear dirt and debris. Works as hard as you on a tight deadline.


Our hydrocolloid patches are your go-to for zapping zits! We're not your average patch – our special formula sucks away impurities, and we've loaded it with dermatologist-approved heroes like Niacinamide, Salicylic Acid, Vitamin C, and Tea Tree extract. 🚀

Is KILLA Acne Extra Strength suitable for all skin types?

YES! KILLA ACNE Extra Strength ingredients make it suitable for all skin types and it’s best used for those who have deep, early-stage zits.

How is KILLA Acne Extra Strength different from other patches?

KILLA  ACNE Extra Strength is a more potent, faster-acting product than other patches on the market. While others only act on the surface, KILLA ACNE Extra Strength targets deep acne using microdart and hydrocolloid technology along with an active amount of 2% salicylic acid. It’s also formulated with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial ingredients to calm and reduce the size of acne. KILLA ACNE Extra Strength is perfect for those deep, and early stage, stubborn zits. Unlike other patches with  salicylic acid, this over-the-counter drug has 2% salicylic acid designed to deeply penetrate skin and act fast.

What’s the difference between KILLA Acne Extra Strength vs. the Original KILLA kit?

OG KILLA patches are gentle and effective, with .4% salicylic acid and microdart technology that targets unpoppable zits. KILLA ACNE Extra Strength patches are a stronger, faster solution that targets deeper, early-stage, more stubborn acne with 2% salicylic acid. This new patch is more potent and faster acting than anything else on the market.

Once you’ve used KILLA ACNE Extra Strength, switch over to the OG patch to reinforce the strike and promote gentle healing (if needed). 

When should I use KILLA ACNE Extra Strength vs KILLA?

Use KILLA ACNE Extra Strength for deep, early-stage, under the surface zits and when you need a quick and fast fix.

Use KILLA Kit for the unpoppable pimple.

How many patches will I need for my zit? 

Thanks to its extra strength ingredients, 1 KILLA ACNE Extra Strength patch starts working within 2 hours. For best results, you can wear them overnight.

What are ‘self-dissolving microdarts'?

KILLA ACNE Extra Strength’s Microdarts are the heroes of our products, and they dissolve within the epicenter of your zit two hours after a KILLA ACNE Extra Strength patch is applied, flooding the heart of your spot with hard-working ingredients.

How are ZitSticka’s microdarts different from other patches? 

KILLA ACNE Extra Strength microdarts are sharper, longer and more stable than other patches. Its patented microdart technology targets the appearance of deep, early-stage zits at the source, a hard-to-reach place that hydrocolloid patches aren't designed to access.

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